How much is fling paying you to suck guys in to buying a member ship? You dum (bimbo)

What/dream on you (Morons)

Nothing but a Scram. Do not fall for there (Bull) Shit. 95% of the woman on the dating sites ,Where you have to pay for a member ship.Are geting Paid from them ,For each new guy they suck in to buy a (Member)Ship.Do not get suck in to there (Bull)Shit (Guys) Don,t waste your (money) on any of those (Sites) They are mostly all tied in together in some way, I have been finding out .After doing investigations on complaints About thease (Dating) Sites, Before you (Join) any of them.Check out the reviews on them on (Google) its worth your time end (Effort) Before you get suck in buy any of them.

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