Fling taught me to never believe in dating sites...

Fling taught me to never believe in dating sites...

Ive been frequenting adult dating sites for probably 10 years or more. I can be very active - messaging, posting to groups, webcamming - and i/we have met people from dating sites. Honestly, i am married so i am never looking for solo hookups - more looking for couples for us or sometimes a fella for my wifey. but i am the first to admit that a fine looking american chick will always catch my eye and Flings use of photos to create fake profiles from your area is disgraceful. Ive bought or renewed memberships based on the eye candy and - yes - that is stupid but who cares if i am willing to spend $20 to open a particularly hot local gals profile? To find that hers and the other 50 are all totally bogus really chapped my ass. I think i have spoken to a few real members from Fling - not sure - it was a while ago. I will never join them again.

maybe there was a real person but i cant remember
the pics can be awesome but who cares if they are unreachable

totally full of shit - i trusted them - they took me to the cleaners
fuck fling

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