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Join the world of free online dating with, make new friends and start hot all-night affairs. We?ll show you a short cut to all forbidden pleasures and to 1000s of personals of frivolous men and women looking for passionate lovers or hot mistresses in the UK. Details

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If you want your profile removed, click on your username in the menu bar and choose My Account. A page will appear and you’ll see your profile status. Here you can choose to the option of Hide Profile. This is not the same as deleting your account, but your profile won’t be visible to other members.


With a free Standard membership, you’ll have access to lots of features on the website. To use extras on the website, such as free communication with all members, you can decide to pay the promo price of $9,99 per month. The price for making your messages unique with backgrounds is $4,99 per month. To get your profile highlighted in search results, a VIP membership of $4,99 per month is required. You can subscribe for a three-day trial membership once.


To contact, go to the Help section at the bottom of the homepage. Then click Contact Us and fill in the contact form. Promotions & News

  • November 25, 2011 launches Android app for US market
    As of last week,'s Android App is now available in the US. After a highly successful UK launch this summer, it's all go for this cracking app to be released into the busy US and Australian online dating markets. Read more reviews (42): - FLIRT.COM IS A SCAM


Never subscribed but if you send a generated message to someone then check your sent you will be able to read the message the reply back even though you cannot open the message in the mail. Lol all responses are AUTO REPLYS HAHAHA

andy does NOT recommend to friends/family - absoloute bullshit site!


This site is a big fuckin scam, don't bother wasting your time joining and subscribing, the profiles are all fake.


Phony fake stupid shitty site, a complete waste of time and money.

John does NOT recommend to friends/family - Sssssoo


Just got done changing my card info. Got pretty wasted and my gf and I thought it would be funny to check out this site. We live in a small town and thought it would be funny to see who is willing to have sex with randos. When I woke up this morning had some regret to giving info to such a shady site so I googled it and found all of these nightmarish reviews. Tried to cancel my "three day trial," this is what I got. After repeated attempts to contact the number given on this shady site and only getting an answering machine followed by white noise, I began to get nervous (what business refuses to answer their phones). Decided it would be easier to have my info changed (took five minutes) then sit around and wait to see what these scamps would do to my backroll. A TOTAL SCAM. I don't see how they get away with such blatant fraud. Whilst in the bank I reported them for fraud, as I hope everyone else does. Thanks to everyone for their reviews as they gave me the heads up I needed. Go Broncos!

I got a new debit card with mountainous backdrop. I will not be so willy nilly with my info.

The feeling of being took. If it smells like a rat, looks like a rat, it's probably a rat.

Jonathan does NOT recommend to friends/family - THIS SITE IS FUCKING SHIT.



DONT WATE YOUR TIME IN THIS FUCKING SITE - Terms of Service will screw you over!


My review is below this one. I did some research, and found CUPID PLC's Terms of Service agreement.
Basically, when you sign up for your 3-day trial, you have already signed up for an additional month, and here's why:
it states that it will take UP TO 3 DAYS to cancel your subscription. Since the trial is only 3 days and the clock starts ticking as soon as you use it, by the time they have processed your cancellation, they have already billed your next month. Since Cupid PLC has a no-refund policy, you're screwed.
It states in the agreement that you have 7 days to cancel your monthly subscription AS LONG AS YOU DON'T USE YOUR ACCOUNT FOR ANYTHING. Send or receive ONE message, and you have voluntarily given up your right to cancel.




Munk does NOT recommend to friends/family - Do not waste your time or money!


This is going to be a repeat of the other reviews, really.

Most of the profiles are fake, probably gleaning pictures from one of's other affiliate sites. The user names usually give their randomness right away, with some names as obvious as "adfgf". Most profiles will only have one picture, and the same pictures can be seen in other profiles, sometimes consecutively!
The flirts you receive will almost certainly be from girls who want you to watch their webcams, but don't worry, because they are willing to give you a "one-time free pass! Just don't tell anyone else, okay?" I've literally had this exact same offer, verbatim, 3 times in a day.
Other times IN CHAT, the girl will ask for your email address so she can send you the link. SHE COULD PASTE IT RIGHT THERE FOR YOU! But no, she has to have your email address or yahoo name.
Finally, when you do chat with someone you believe could be genuine, their English is poor, they jump around subjects or change them randomly, and answer in strange or nonsensical ways. Then they just stop chatting for no apparent reason. The conversations were never titillating, just awkward and annoying.
I'm pretty sure I've been chatting with bots or people in foreign countries, paid tiny amounts of money, either just to keep your attention during the duration of your trial period, and make you want to renew or even upgrade.

Lots of pictures of hot girls to fap to, if that's all you want.

You need to read above..

Munk does NOT recommend to friends/family - Don't bother


Website is just filed with slutty girls asking for you to view their webcam.
I was worried that I was going to be scammed as I read through the problems people had so I closed my bank account that is used with


Fake women and profiles

Richard does NOT recommend to friends/family - No luck at all


From the moment I joined I struggled to cancel my membership.
As per other people, got constant scammers and web cam girls.
No success at all on here and when my membership was eventually cancelled and had expired, then low and behold 12 messges and 6 chat requests in only 2 days compared to less than that in approx 2 months.

Had a Bit of banter, but like other peoples's comments there are too many rude people on this site who leave you hanging on a conversation and don't return.

Web cam scammers.
People posing as others wanting a man from the uk.
Many time wasters.
Fake profiles.

paul does NOT recommend to friends/family - Absolutely Rubbish


This has got to be one of the worst sites I've tried. From the moment my trail period started, it was nothing but pings from women trying to get me to watch their 'select' Cam shows. And like other reviewers said, the women who seem genuine only talk to you for a while, then go off for one errand or another and never get back to you.

Then there are the ones who are desperate to get you e-mail address so they can send you pics of themselves. Then they get angry when you refuse, as though they're trying to make you feel guilty about not letting them have it.

Then the process of cancelling the membership is a farce. After going through the cancellation process, I realised I'd only removed myself from their mailing list after clicking on 'cancel repeat billing' and then submitted. Been trying to get a full refund for 2 days, only to be told that I apparently sent someone a message the day after the trail period ended. After checking my profile again, the person I supposedly sent the message to was not someone who would have gone on my radar in the first place.

Finally getting the majority of the money refunded, but after being made several offers of 'free membership'. Why would I want free membership to have women pinging me about Cam shows?

Avoid this site like the plague and all Cupid.coms' affiliates. Just a total scam organisation!

wilddoguk does NOT recommend to friends/family - no pro's ALL CONS


first of all you'll get a load of emails to try & hook you

but dont do it you'll see the exact same fake profiles / cam whores on all of cupid's sites

scammers are problem too

just dont bother wasting any of your time or effort or money on this site

absolutely none

full of

Fake profiles
Paid cam whores

rock 365 does NOT recommend to friends/family

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