illicitencounters very scary

illicitencounters very scary

I joined and pretty soon realised there are only really a very small amount of men. But you are as a woman open to all kinds of abuse because they are paying and they think they can treat you any way they want. I was contacted by a man who asked me out and I genuinely couldnt make it. He said we could be friends then made a date with another woman. I was supportive, the more supportive I was the nastier he got saying I pushed women away. He then accused me of stalking him after he contacted me sent me three gifts and said the site was going to contact the police. I was actually seeing a police officer I met on there so I was really scared as thought how embarrassing this may be for him. The women may not have to pay but if you are genuine you have to take an awful lot of rubbish from the men. I was crying for weeks every time this man contacted me twisted what I said or lied about me. Is it worth it. NO. The administrators should have more sense than to go along with these loonys.

some nice men who you can talk to

open to abusive men who pay so get away with it

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