Isn't it strange....

Isn't it strange how as soon as anypone writes a bad (hence accurate!) review of Illicit Encounters, a good review almost instantly then appears. It is safe to assume that all of the positive reviews of this over-priced and rip off site below have been posted by the company behind Illicit Encounters. They certainly have no qualms about creating fake female profiles and messages to sucker guys into paying their exorbitant fees. Of course all activitiy from these supposedly interested 'women' evaporates as soon as you've paid up. You only start getting attention again from 'women' on the site when your subscription lapses. There surely must be a law against this fakery? Do not join this site under any circumstances. You'd have more chance of meeting a woman by walking into a bar and burning the £149 it costs to join!

None whatsoever

Ridiculously expensive Faked female profiles and messages

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I could not have written it better myself! Appalling site, amazing it has not been taken down by trading standards yet. My experience was absolutely identical to yours - before paying, loads of apparent interest; after paying, all the "interested" women just disappeared. Only to reappear, the day before my subscription ended. This site is just a complete and utter con.

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