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Illicit Encounters - Illicit


I have been a member on and off this site for a few years now. I have mixed feelings about it. It has got genuine females on it looking for something extra , but that can be more than you want, and I have met a few over the years. Some have their own agenda but that`s fine. On the negative side I agree with the courting period prior to your sub running out. Also if you haven`t been on, by that I mean paid, you will get emails from women who appear to have an interest in you. They aren`t interested they are fakes because if the site was smart they`d send you mail from women in your requested age bracket and in your own country! I`m in Scotland looking for 45 plus . I`ve had 29 year old s from deepest England mailing me! As if. Get real there is no need for that nonsense. There are enough genuine people on without resorting to this.

Good site well presented

Genuine people in the main.

Easy to use site

I`ve met genuine ladies in need!

It`s got an annoying habit of trying to fish you in useing false profiles

It`s far too expensive.

If it was much better and no fakes we might pay the money.

I won`t be back on it

Mike Camer does NOT recommend Illicit Encounters to friends/family


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