Illicit Encounters Review - Not a good site

Illicit Encounters - Not a good site


Have been using this site for a numer of years and would not recommend it. The guys pay the girl don't. There are lots of genuine guys on it but as another reviewer said there is only ever between 600 and 800 people online out of their thousands of "so called" genuine users. It's overpriced for what you get, I know what the guys pay and its A LOT! Some of the guys on there seem to think that because they have paid so much that sex should be on the menu straight away. It would be cheaper for them to "hire" someone for that. I say some, not all, I may add. There are very little men on the site from my area also and you end up getting the feeling that that are so few women to choose from that they are happy to settle for anyone as long as they get laid. It's really not for me, a married lady looking to have a proper affair. I feel sorry for the men who have paid so much for so little despite the attitudes of a few of them.


Not enough genuine users


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