Illicit Encounters Review - Regulation Required

Illicit Encounters - Regulation Required


This site appears to have a large number of fake profiles which contact you as soon as you register and then once you have joined disappear or have mundane conversations and never answer your questions if you pose any. They come back with a bland did you have a nice weekend mine was ok.
There maybe or probably are some real profiles but the 50:50 split is probably nearer 80:20 so you may get success but you have more chance in the pub and at least you will have had a good night out.
If you are under 40 you will stand a much better chance anyone over 50 I would suggest your chances of success are minimal.
There needs to be proper regulation of these sites. I have learnt my lesson and will not be rejoining!


Appears to be a large number of fake profiles
Very expensive
Wastes time you could be spending doing something productive.

Brian does NOT recommend Illicit Encounters to friends/family


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