Expensive but would be worth it but for the false profiles

Expensive but would be worth it but for the false profiles

Have been a member 3 times. You pay about £130 and depending on the offer get 4 or 6 weeks. To be honest unless you are in a big city you will make contact (or try) with most in your area and in your age range in that time. I think I can write an interesting message or so I am told and I only get responses from about 30%. But if you are charming and not crude you can usually get chatting by message with about a quarter of those. And maybe one or two will meet you for coffee. So you can see the numbers come down quite quickly. Yes I have had success with a few ladies that have led to relationships. So it does work. But they make it very difficult for people to take profiles off, and a lot of profiles are not active. In addition when I wasn't a member I got a number of winks or messages (you can't read these until you pay) from ladies way out of my area and out of my age range. And they look at your profile and send a message in the same minute. If that happens then it clearly is either bots or someone working for the site to try and pull you back to paying. Because when you are a paying member it hardly ever happens, your membership lapses and hey presto it starts again.....

You can find like minded ladies but 95% of them are not desperate and looking for pure sex. Most want a bit of TLC and a relationship of some sort.

Dead profiles or pretty dormant - lots.. Women who don't reply at all - lots And false profiles trying to get you to rejoin. My recommendation is with reservations!

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