Iranian Personals Review - Iranian personals won't protect its members from abuse

Iranian Personals - Iranian personals won't protect its members f


I was a member on this site for a while. Soon, it became abvious that there is no real monitoring of who is on this site and what they're doing. Most people have multiple profiles which apparently the operators of this site know and condone. Most lie on their profile. There are lots of members who use abusive and profane language. The administration keep a closed eye on all of this as long as they make their money and get their traffic. Let's face it there aren't that many other alternatives for the Iranians who are interested in dating Iranians!
However there have been some very ominous signs which really point to how callous and irresponsible this site is. A site that shelters predators and cons and facilitates them to prey on other unsuspecting members should not exist and Iranian Personal is such site. I personally had an experience which confirmed it. I came across a profile that caught my attention. When I reviewed it I discovered that it was an old profile which had received extreme make-over. I know the man behind the profile. He had dated several women, some of whom I know closely. He is a dangerous player who uses women any way he can. Everything about him is a lie. He's ruined many lives and shattered many more spirits. This 54 y/o married man with 2 kids portrayed had re-invented himself as a 41 y/o single guy with no kids and no previous marriage. It's interesting that he had not even bothered to create a new profile and just changed his nickname ( which the system wouldn't allow you to do if you are not a paying member but he is!) and his personal descriptions. I contacted the administration and reported him for fabrication and gave them a background history of how he has been on this site for years and operated under different profiles preying on women. I reminded them that it was their ethical and social obligation to stop him. Not only Iranian Personals administration didn't take it seriously, they also ended my membership to shut me up. They response was that they had no ethical obligation to investigate just because I said so. They said that it was my responsibility to prove my allegations but wouldn't tell me what kind of proof they needed. When I insisted, they wouldn't let me log in. They did it without any warning. They stopped responding to my emails. I know that another woman called them a few months ago and explained to them how this man had tricked her and extorted thousands of dollars from her, how he was still married and used this site to prey on hopeful and naive women and again Iranian Personal did not take any action what so ever.
So it's become clear that this site does not care about the safety and well-being of its members and facilitates predators roam free on this site and prey on other members. It does not take the concerns of its members seriously and even ends their memberships abruptly if they dare raise a concern or expect an action.
My advice to everyone is:"IF YOU CARE ABOUT YOUR SAFETY AND WELL-BEING, STAY AWAY FROM IRANIAN PERSONALS, RUN AND NEVER LOOK BACK". You'll save yourself lots of trouble and possibly much more by staying off this site.

None what-so-ever

Refer to my comments. Believe me this site is all cons.

jane doe does NOT recommend Iranian Personals to friends/family


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