Iranian Personals Review - A cesspool

Iranian Personals - A cesspool


I write this review as a mature professional woman. My views are based on my experience with this site on three occasions spread over an 11 year period. This site has just gotten worse over the years. Predators, cons and sick men are running amok on this site and prey on their victims with impunity. The administration takes no moral or legal responsibility to protect the members especially the females. You don't believe me, read their terms of service! This site is openly biased against women. My advice to women on this site is to leave ot at least be very vigilant. I first tried this site 11 years ago and soon gave up as I saw no genuine outcome. I temporarily returned in 2014. To my surprise many active profiles remained exactly the same as 7 years prior. The same antiquated system remained. I am sure this site does not even use a real algorithm to match members much less a real quality control system. I tried it again in 2017. I saw an even worse deterioration in the quality of members. Again the same software exactly as more than a decade ago. Again many old profiles woth the same pictures that remained active. Ironically the owners of these profiles were younger than a decade ago! Up till recently they could easily and as often as wanted change their age. My most recent experience has proven that there are lots of men who use this site as a hookup place. However their profile claim their search for a long-term committed relationships. I understand that the romantic idea of finding a life partner who shares one's original culture and language is very appealing. That's the reason I have given this site a few tries over the years. But every time it has turned out to be an unpleasant, demoralizing and sobering experience. Do yourselves a favor and stay out of this cesspool! I know that I will.


. Antiquated algorithm
. Poor matching system
. Unsafe site especially for women
. Administration takes no steps or accepts any responsibility to protect its members. You'd be on your own.
. Mostly fake, old profiles: most profiles bear wrong age, height, education and income.
. Many use it for hookups

Neda does NOT recommend Iranian Personals to friends/family


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