Iranian Personals Review - Don't waste your time! It doesn't work!

Iranian Personals - Don't waste your time! It doesn't work!


I couldn't agree more with the previous review. I have witnessed the exact same things while I was on this site for a few months. Many profiles have been there for years and are way past their self life! Some men seem to have taken permanent residence on this site! Ironically the age stays the same and the pics don't change either! This shows that either this site can't really match people or that many people on it use it for reasons other than a genuine relationship, such as kill time, entertainment and window shopping, ego stroke, trolling, hookup or in the worst case scenario grift and con.
What struck me the most is the number of men on this site that have a likely mental disorder. I saw lots of narcissistic tendencies and aggressive trends. You see lots of intense love bombing that suggests borderline traits. Yeah, my field is psychology and human behavior. Be careful! These relationships are usually toxic and inevitably end badly. The bottom line is that most members on this site are undatable and it would be extremely unlikely to find your life partner on this site!

I couldn't find any!

Lots of crazies hanging loose on this site!

Ariane does NOT recommend Iranian Personals to friends/family


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