Iranian Personals Review - Beware of the male gold-diggers on this site!

Iranian Personals - Beware of the male gold-diggers on this site!


What most of us Persian ladies don't think of is the Iranian men as gold-diggers and money opportunists! Well, it seems to be a new and dangerous trend and this lousy site is infested by them! Men in their 40's, 50's or even 60's who advertise themselves as established and secure financially and looking for a long-term relationship but in reality are looking for a sugarmommy and cash-cow. And the high-status ladies on this site who are enjoying their new- found financial and social power fall prey to these men! I met such a man on this site. He drove a Cadillac, had a nice townhouse and pretended to have a good career! It turned out it was all a sham! Soon he wanted me to pay for everything, finance his life and even buy him a house! All under the excuse that we were going to build a life together!
So beware of the money-grabbing wolf in the family-man sheep's clothing!


This site is the epitome of con!

Negar does NOT recommend Iranian Personals to friends/family


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