JapanCupid.com Review - JC is much better than most of these reviews...

JapanCupid.com - JC is much better than most of these reviews...


To many of the other reviewers:
Just because you had no success on this site does not mean that it is: a scam, fraud, rip-off, con etc

First let me ask you this: are you actually in Japan?

As the name implies JapanCupid is primarily intended for dating locally within Japan. If you aren't in Japan then you are of zero interest to most of the users on there.

Even if you are in Japan, do you live in or near a big city?
Most people really can't be bothered to travel much more than 30~45 mins for a date. And this applies universally for all dating sites.

Then, did you actually make a half-decent profile?

Even if you did that did you send a reasonable 1st mail?

Oh wait, you only mailed all the obviously hot girls who are under 25?
Well I hope you are a grade A top choice man (and I mean for real, objectively , not wishful thinking) because those girls are so spoilt for choice that anything less than the best is not going to get a response.

As for the comments about not paying for dating site - why not?
I suppose you only go to bars that are free?
And you eat out of the trash too?
Things cost money, that is how life works, the price of a month on a dating site is often less than a night out drinking.

While it is fair to say that there are some very suspicious profiles that are probably fake, that doesn't mean that Japan Cupid created those profiles. In fact they were probably made by pick-up artist loser douche bags trying to steal some 'intel' from other male users.

I've been a paid member a couple of times, and each time I got plenty of responses and more than enough dates (including both hot and young girls - though frankly not most of the time).

I'm over 30, far from stunning, and not particularly good at Japanese. If you can't get any responses, let alone dates from this site, then you need to look seriously at why you are failing - it is most likely your expectations, or very shoddy profile/mails.

That said, the Japanese online dating scene is notoriously unforgiving for anybody who is not either white or at least not Asian, and JC is no exception to this.

- Full of male users who still think it's 1990 and that Japanese women will swoon at their feet for no reason other than they are foreign (so if you are a guy who lives in the now rather than in the past this is great)

-Cupid Media is a general good and time tested system.

- Japan Cupid is popular among Japanese girls and well marketed towards to 20~30 age group in particular. LET ME BE CRYSTAL CLEAR ON THIS - you may still have a hard time getting dates with the cute/young girls, but they are on here and they are real!

- You can now delete your photos

- They have never auto-billed me (unlike worldfriends)

- It is not: fake, a scam, a con, a rip-off etc

- Full of male users who still think it's 1990 and that Japanese women will swoon at their feet for no reason other than they are foreign (so if you are a girl you will have to wade through a lot of derps).

- No matter what you write on your profile/ in your mails 90% of the women who respond will just assume that you are a liar and/or a "playboy" . You are going to need to be thick skinned. Japanese women are much less polite on dating sites than they are in real life.

- Granted, the customer service are not that helpful.

- It is pointless if you do not pay for the high grade memberships - but then it's pointless going to bars if you aren't going to shower, shave and put on a clean shirt.

- Life isn't fair

- Nobody loves me

Steve Stev does recommend JapanCupid.com to friends/family


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