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Last updated: February 3, 2019
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Japancupid.com has joined a great many Japanese singles with their matches from around the globe, making it a standout amongst the most trusted Japanese dating destinations. Whether you're searching for a date or the affection of your life, discover them in a fun and secure environment on Japancupid.com. Began in 2005, Japancupid.com is a piece of the entrenched Cupid Media arrange that works in excess of 30 respectable specialty dating destinations. As one of the biggest Japanese dating locales, we have a great many Japanese ladies joining ordinary intrigued by reaching somebody like you. With a commitment to interfacing singles all around, we present to you a site that provides food solely to bona fide Japanese dating. Whether you're searching for affection generally or globally, we bring Japan to you regardless of where on the planet you may be. Online rate dating is about making continuous connections. Whether you're searching for adoration or searching for somebody to meet at this time, during 5-time livejapancupid.com will unite you with nearby singles who are online and prepared to visit.

As a heading Japanese dating site, it is an effectively unite Japanese singles from around the globe to meet their perfect match. A large number of upbeat singles have discovered love on our Japanese dating site and have imparted their stories to us. Look at the numerous examples of overcoming adversity here. Japancupid.com is a pro dating and matchmaking site that aids individuals from Japanese and Western foundations to discover their ideal match. We offer well disposed administration combined with complex pursuit and informing offices that will make your quest for genuine romance fun and pleasant. It likewise comprehend the inspirations and desires of individuals from differing foundations looking to discover their ideal match and feel that our own particular encounters might be of significant aid. Seek through thousands profiles of appealing, cordial men and ladies from all foundations looking to reach somebody much the same as you. Your own particular individual inbox permits you to effortlessly and namelessly discover your ideal match. Include a profile immediately and connect a photograph. Japancupid.com is worked by Cupid Media Pty Ltd, a company that has practical experience in the improvement of database-driven dating destinations.

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With a JapanCupid.com free membership, you can easily meet singles through this website. To benefit more from your membership, you can become a paid member. Upgrading your account gives you a JapanCupid.com promo price: 3 months of Gold Membership will cost you $ 20.00 per month: you will save 33%! The JapanCupid.com promo price for 3 month Platinum Membership is $ 23.33 per month. When you're upgrading your membership for more than 1 month, a JapanCupid.com discount is provided to you.


The JapanCupid.com contact information as shown on the website is the following: 011 61 7 55711181 is the JapanCupid.com contact number for US and Canadian consumers. For JapanCupid.com contact from Europe or UK you can call 00 61 7 5571 1181.

JapanCupid.com reviews (86):

JapanCupid.com - Defintely JapanCupid is a scam


Why JapanCupid put their logo mark on all of member's photos? Then why can't I remove my photos from this site? Quit weird, and I heard many men and women on this site are married and then just looking for members to join their sex parties.
If so, they should have named it "Sexcupid" although I found that name's site is already on the Internet.

Do not waste your time and money!!!

JPQ does NOT recommend JapanCupid.com to friends/family

JapanCupid.com - One more thing


I just wanted to add something to my earlier review. If you look at the site's terms and conditions, once you upload a photo you grant them approval to use your image however they like. One way they state they can use your image is to "pre-populate" an online dating site. If this isn't evidence that they create "fake" profiles I don't know what is. They are creating a profile for you on a dating site you might not even be a member of, or have signed up with.

Some real profiles

Fake profiles
Unscrupulous site operators
Questionable privacy policies
Waste of money

Richard does NOT recommend JapanCupid.com to friends/family

JapanCupid.com - from an American woman's perspective


I have been a member (free, not paying) for about 4 years now. I usually go to the chatroom which free members can get into once they receive a message from a paying member. I have made many Japanese friends and even dated an American guy I hit it off with from the site for over a year. The past year and a half I have been distance dating a wonderful Japanese man I met on the site. We got engaged on Children's Day (May 5th) during my visit. Most of the American guys (or actually any gaijin men) I see on the site act really poorly by any woman's standards and certainly are not datable material. I would have to agree with one of the guys that posted a comment here that the men who complain probably fall into the category of undesireable. There are many fake profiles I have witnessed first-hand in the chatroom. But that might be common on any site. The thing to remember is that JapanCupid is a forum for meeting people. It is not a mail order bride site. There is never any guarentee anywhere at anytime that a person will find their soulmate and it is even more unlikely on a dating site where distance dating is involved. Just be realistic about it and understand that distance dating is more difficult than most people can imagine.

A wonderful forum to meet Japanese people and share language exchange. In the chatroom all members can use web cam and mic to prove they are not fake and just have good conversation.

Since it is open to practically anyone there are some very mean and rude people. And fake profiles occassionally.

Jen does recommend JapanCupid.com to friends/family

JapanCupid.com - Rip-off



They make money off of you.

They take your money and spend it on things you don't have.

Blick does NOT recommend JapanCupid.com to friends/family

JapanCupid.com - verification process


I'm very leery about japancupid.com's verification process. They want a photo copy of a passport, driver's license, or something official. Copy of passport? This is a fast-track method of having one's identity stolen. Lost American passports typically sell for about $18k on the black market. Terrorist organizations reap the benefits of having formatting information to be sure. Please do not surrender any photo copies of any official documents. Even eHarmony doesn't ask for this kind of information.


The site is based in Queensland Australia, it's called Japancupid.com, and they require passport information(or sensitive), and they're main office for correspondence is linked to a P.O. Box. Sounds great. t(-.-)t

JapanCupid.com - A scam site, with a few real members


I inadvertently posted this as a comment too.
Foolishly I paid money to join this site. Suddenly all the woman who had supposedly expressed interest in me didn't respond to my messages. I am very suspicious about some of the advertisements. I believe some are real, but the others have been planted by the operators. Given the high prices I cannot even advise trying it out. Having lived in japan as well I can say that the majority of japanese girls aren't interested in gaijin. The ones that are tend to be a little crazy or have some other issues that have meant they have to try and find a gaijin (foreigner) as a last resort. This is a broad stereotype and of course there are exceptions. Don't believe that in general there are lots of hot japanese woman looking for foreign boyfriends. Another problem is they nearly always want to go back to Japan in the long run. Can't believe the bullshit message from the site operator saying that because they are in Australia it is OK. Like there aren't any crooks in Australia. Certainly there is no government regulator that is going to go around and audit them to make sure they aren't creating fake profiles, and sending fake messages of interest.

Avoid this website

Some genuine profiles. Certainly some of the older woman on the site who aren't especially attractive are unlikely to be fake.

Fake profiles, and fake messages. Overpriced. Inflated member numbers, many of the "members" haven't logged in for years. Dodgy privacy issues. Seems to be no way to delete your profile and photos.

JapanCupid.com - Just because there's some fake profiles doesn


Met an ultra-hot girl on this site, and we were together a year! Seriously, people thought she was a model or something. We were both 24... and along those lines, you creepy old guys saying this site is "fake" need to wise up- I met 3 or 4 chicks off this site while I was in Japan, just because a few profile are fake and you occassionally get a message from them, doesn't mean the whole site is a scam... IT MEANS NO ONE'S INTERESTED IN YOU!

Genuine girls on the site, privacy protected... seems to pick up a lot of shy japanese girls that don't socialize well (good luck finding a nice japanese girl in a bar). especially good for young guys living in japan temporarily. Don't assume hot girls are always fake- my gf had the sexiest profile on there and it wasn't tell I met her that I believed it was real!

Like others said, some of the girls are kind of desperate or a little weird. Japanese girls by nature are usually looking for serious relationships... true some of them might just be looking for fun, but good luck finding 'em. don't get stuck in a relationship you never wanted in the first place... seriously, think about this guys.

JapanCupid.com - Japan Cupid


I took a good look at this site. To me, it is obviously too good to be true. I say that because, having lived in Japan for more than 10 years, I can tell you that (like everywhere else) there are a lot of good looking girls, and a lot of not very good looking girls. On Japan Cupid, the # of very attractive women is far too high. I expect that many of them are just plants.

JapanCupid.com - Not a scam


I met my wife on this site. I also had some fake "interests" in me from other countries but I chatted with Japanese women that were living in my area. My wife was in Tokyo when we got to know each other. So of course I say the site is "real" but has it's share of scam artists as well.

In short: The site is not a scam but...some of the profiles are.

JapanCupid.com - worst scam dating service to date.


Make sure you don't paid for membership. It's a 100% scam. They even create fake ads if not all. Be aware of "I told you so" if you paid for meeting fake ads. If you get a responds or someone shows interest in you, their ad will be deleted or they will not return your responds. Please pass this message forward with all know fake members # they has not been deleted yet. Here's a few I know are fake from experience # 500487, 506143, 501054, 429171, 497574, 496687, 480433,505584, 503565, 321012, 504770, 465889, 496823, 499333,166690, 304226, 162468, 500344, 497252, 471362, 506764, 506356, 505574, 495600, 329045, 501435,

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