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Last updated: November 29, 2017
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Free Online Dating Site, the #1 online dating site that is free and always will be. Find out why we are the top online dating site for men and women the meet and connect.

This website doesn't exist anymore!

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Koopa - Scammer pit


This site is so full of Nigerian scammers that they even use the scammer photos on there advertisement page.Now thats what i call a scammer pit.The stolen photos that flash across there add page are porn stars and models.I joined this site quite awhile back but quickly found it to be a scammer site that doesn't bother to get rid of any scammers.


Easy way for scammers to scam the unsuspecting user out of there money

scamgutter does NOT recommend Koopa to friends/family

Koopa - Mr


Great online dating site met some cute girls on there

- free
- alot of people in my area
- great looking site

Not much

Nick does recommend Koopa to friends/family