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Last updated: October 13, 2017
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Full Figured? Plus Size? Voluptuous? Husky? Fat? Thick? Obese? Portly? Stout? Round? Big Boned? Pear Shaped? Apple Shaped? Chubby? Bottom Heavy? Top Heavy? Diet Challenged?

Large Passions is a 100% free BBW Dating & Social Networking community for Big Beautiful Women & Big Handsome Men looking to meet other singles.

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Large Passions reviews (4):

Large Passions - Not the best but pretty good


I've been on it for a while- but I've only really started being active in the past 2 months. I've met a couple of great guys, a few losers, and some really pushy horn dogs...but with online dating it's the same everywhere.

I like the fact that I can see members of connected sites that fit what I'm looking for. And the fact that I can list different profiles on different connected sites.

I think that it's a really great tool for larger women because it's so hard to find guys that won't turn up their noses at you if you try to meet them in person, at say a bar. There are a lot of different shapes and sizes as well. I really expected a lot of big men to be looking for big women- but there are a lot of skinny/ average/ fit men as well, so it fits a lot of tastes. And it just doesn't have the same feel as a 'regular' dating site...I was active on a regular dating site for a VERY long time with no real response, but on Largepassions I have lot of responses everyday. It really does help your self-esteem, when guys are actually into you.

It's got a large base to choose from- there are probably about 50 different connected sites to choose from so there's a lot of over lap. You may publish your ad on any number of associated sites (according to your choosing- cougars, your state, hobbies- such as Californiapassions, Cougarpassions)

You can see who's viewed you in the last month and they have something called 'Stalkervision' that allows you to see what other members are doing (such as IM, posting, and such).


For women looking for men it's not bad. Although a lot of men from you area might not be as active as you'd like, you should have no problem finding someone. But try to stay on the site to communicate, a lot of men will give out their personal email hoping to get photos (naughty) from lonely women who will never hear back from them once they get them.

They police themselves pretty well. In the forums no one is allowed to bad mouth other members...if you have complaints you complain to the site. This saves you the time of having a lot of drama. But the forums aren't very active compared to other outside sites.

The search feature lets you search for 2 different variables while also conducting the search within your area range. (such as weight/ build- within 5/ 10/ 50/100 miles from your zip code)

A lot of the guys are looking for one night stands.

Depending on your area there might not be a lot of active members.

You can only post public pictures- it's actually good but if you're wanting to get more pictures from a member it can't be done privately.

You're probably going to get a lot of responses who haven't actually read your profile or what you're looking for. (but this is the same with all sites I guess)

You'll see basically the same people online all the time- (well the same men) so if after a month you're not getting any hits then you'll probably have to expand your range.

SH does recommend Large Passions to friends/family

Large Passions - Its okay, but not best site


It is okay, just not enough cute BHM (big handsome men), just a lot of BBW. And since I am straight I am not looking for women. It only helps older people and men find their matches, but not others.

You can search BBW for the men only.
List of chat, by state, country, and use your zip code

Can't find any cute BHM for woman
Its just a site for BBW and for men only
The back button always gets timed out, and has to restart the page
Too many ads, it gets really confusing.

Maria does NOT recommend Large Passions to friends/family

Large Passions - G A


Very few active male members.

It is free

it is not well-publicized

Large Passions - Highly Recommended


I've been a member here for a month, and find Large Passions very worthwhile. As a white man who admires the Black BBW, this is a niche market. Yet, here on Large Passions, I have found several Black BBWs whom I have contacted. Three have responded. You can search by city or state or country. There are scads of photos of the members.

I very recommend Large Passions to either the woman of plus-size or her admirer.

Easy to navigate, and with the forum and blogs, there are many ways to interact with like-minded women and men.

Easy to navigate, huge database of members, with photos.

Sometimes have to sign back in when going from area to area.

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