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I met what seemed like a very nice gentleman on LoveHabibi. We began exchanging notes and I looked forward our daily correspondence. The last letter I got from my friend prompted a notice as usual in my inbox, but when I went to retrieve it, my LoveHabibi inbox was empty. Their system had deleted his latest email as well as the whole thread! I wrote to them four times asking them to restore the email, as I have no other way to get in touch with my friend and I did not wish to have him think I was not interested or was just 'blowing him off." Sadly, no one could be bothered to contact me or fix the problem. So instead of fostering a new relationship, they ruined it before it had time to get off the ground due to their IT imcompetance and nonexistent customer service. Then they had the nerve to send me a request to upgrade.

Met a nice man

Lost the nice man - thanks to LoveHabibi

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