Love Habibi Review - Not everything that glitters is gold...

Love Habibi - Not everything that glitters is gold...


This site is horrible. I agree with Eibrahim.
They also allow male users to send harassing rude messages to females. I am very detailed with my profile and what I look for so there wont be any confusion. I specifically state I do not wnt players and other types of deceivers. Nothing wrong with that right? I got so many messages from guys saying I "wrote too much" and mocking the fact that I was hurt in the past. Then again, I believe in Allah and what you do will come back to you.

I met a SEEMINGLY nice guy. I thought we clicked. His last login was 30+das ago. When a person's last login says 30+ days ago it means that their last login was before 30 days. That could evven mean 2 years ago or so.
I believe in fighting for love so I spent weeks/months trying to contact him and went to the extent of contacting his family so they can send my info to him. After much hassle I finally get to him. He seemed friendly at first. He told me that he likes to start as friends and let love bloom naturally. Which I hesitated at first because I am not one who believes men and women can be friends. Thats how ppl end up in the friendzone(foreshadowing)
We chated and he swore he wasnt a player and I thought he was a good honest guy. I even disclosed personal info because I am a very real trust worthy person. He started sending me one word responses, and than he straight up ghosted. Since we chatted on the IMO/Wattsapp app, It would show he is online but he sends no message. This went on for 2 months. He recently activated his profile and is most likely chatting with other ppl.Which I think is disengenius. If I wanted this type of dating I would set up a POC or tinder account where ppl are 100%superficial with no commitment. You cant say you want a good woman and when she is under your nose..scuff her off because you feel like you have "better options" out there. No humans wants to likes to feel disposable or feel like they are in some competition. I know that is the poison you get when you decide to seek a mate online but I would of thought ppl with Muslim backgrounds would have more respect and seriousness. I was wrong.He proved to be everything I dreaded. And because he never made it exclusive, it fels like you are in a trap/gridlock. Youre not allowed to have a say or thought because youre not his mate. Youre just a "friend".
Women, please protect yourself. Especially my Muslim sisters. Be careful. Not everyone cares about you. Please do not think that because a guy is Muslim..that automatically makes him a good guy. You would think right?
There are guys out there who will hurt you and not think anything of it. Sadly 99% of all these habibi/hayati/muslimah/singlemuslim/arabdating sites are like that. If they are not fake profiles..than they are fake people. When Inoticed him ignore me and goon that profile again to search for new women, it felt like a punch in the gut. I was feeling nausea all day. I really thought this guy was different. Ladies, if a guy isnt your not trust anything he says. Actions speak, not words. This has left such a bad taste in my mouth,I deleted my whole account. I am a very loyal person. Growing up I never jumped from guy to guy to guy to guy. I am not one of those ppl who go thru heartbreak and go on to another guy in 2 minutes.
My loyalty runs deep. Unfortuantely I had my heart broken again. I do not wish this type of pain on any of my dear ladies and even guys who are reading this. Please protect yourself and know that not everything is what it appears to be.


Deceptive people and guys who are blatantly rude.

Ms.Hasan does NOT recommend Love Habibi to friends/family


Date: April 10, 2018 - 19:17

By: Sami

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