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MarryMeSugardaddy Reviews

    The hot ones are phonies.

    There are real women on here. Most are average looking, some plain unattractive, and one or two are ok. When you join you will most likely receive an email or 2 from a hot woman who is most likely anything but her photo. She will email you, avoid meeting you and just linger on.

    Avoid the site. It is a ripoff and complete waste of money.

    Easy to navigate. You know who is looking at your profile.

    Phony women, who say the same thing to every guy who gets on. Avoid!

    Avoid this site at your own expense

    Marrymesugardaddy site is a joke. Rich people just sit back and read emails with no intention of meeting and waste of time. Its ridiculous that suarbaby has to pay using the site.

    This site should list prices on faq instead of signup.

    Easy profile to setup
    Search friendly

    Waste of time and money
    When I reply back to men's emails, I don't hear back from them.
    Men just look at pictures with no intentions of meeting
    Not disclosing fees at the beginning of the page
    You have to pay to read messages
    Too many Ims popping out when I was signing up
    Overcharges and don't use your credit(get a prepaid credit card)
    Cannot send ims stating review profile
    Unwanted Ims from homosexuals contacting straight person

    Fake, rip offs total waste of precious time.

    This MarryMeSugarDaddy website is pathetic. Alluring to oblivious innocent individuals. Once you sign up, you begin to receive mails from "people" with nice charming photos....This is so that you will be forced to upgrade your account to GOLD. That means you'll be throwing away money and when you start chatting with those "charmers" you realize a little too late that they are fake, fictitious typewriters. It is just a huge shame and I would not recommend this website to a fool. I had to deactivate my account as soon as i realized this was a scam.

    Ridiculously fake.


    This is a overseas SCAM

    This web-site is fake I ask the rep for the bank that's overseas who process the credit card she said that she could not provide me with that information. Also the company is an overseas company, PLEASE BEWARE THIS IS A SCAM DO NOT BUY INTO THIS WEBSITE OR ELSE YOU WOULD BE SORRY!




    Total scam-do not join this site. Luckily I didn't buy into this crap. This shady website will send you fake messages, ims when you join. All guys with fake pics to look at that say the same thing over and over. Screw you Smh

    Nice fake pics and profiles to check out

    Scam- fake fake fake they deleted my account when I caught on and called the site out. Ha! Losers

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