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Instead of taking the chance that you'll step into an elevator and meet someone, or that your brother's best friend's cousin knows someone who's perfect for you, lets our members take their romantic destiny into their own hands.

Over the years we've learned more and more about what people want ? and about the tools they need to take the lottery out of love. With more ways than ever to help, we've come a long way since 1995. Details

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  • May 28, 2012 integrates game play into matchmaking
    Online dating sites are introducing new tactics to get people to interact and express themselves better. has created a series of two-player games designed to help its members figure out whether they have chemistry before going on a date. This summer, is launching seven games that are structured to create shared experiences while encouraging a more natural way of interacting thr Read more
  • December 6, 2011 Apple has removed's dating app
    Apple has removed's iOS application from its App Store after the dating website failed to adhere to the storefront's subscription billing policies. TechCrunch reports Apple deleted the app because it enabled users to pay for Match subscriptions with a credit card using an external link, bypassing the App Store's billing mechanisms and denying Apple its 30 percent cut of subs Read more reviews (5): - is obviously an elaborate gimmick


I haven't been using this site for long but it has already been apparent that the whole set-up isn't anything but a gimmick. First of all, if you're not a subscriber, you can do zilch. Soon after you join so-called free, you are lured by a stream of emails, winks and so many viewers. But here is the catch: you can't even see who's interested until you pay to subscribe. This is when the well all of the sudden goes dry. Interestingly, members who are apparently interested (according to which provides you with daily matches) seldom respond to the emails which you subsequently send. This can imply that many of these profiles are either fake or inactive and are used by the website to keep the charade going.
Shortly after I joined, I kept wondering: I am an attractive, highly educated lady. I should get lots of interest. So, why is this not happening? well, my former statement gives you the answer. The pool of potential matches is very small or perhaps non-existent. At any rate, continues to make money off naïve hopefuls like me.

If you want to keep yourself occupied by surfing the website, you could do so for hours...

I don't think that anyone would find a date much less their soul-mate on this site. It is a gimmick , probably like all the other dating sites. It is there to make profit not to find us compatible partners.

anonymous does NOT recommend to friends/family - Worst dating site I have ever paid for


*Initial emphasis*

This review is specifically and exclusively concerned with using in Japan to try and date people in Japan.

This review does not apply to other countries because I do not know what it is like to date in those countries.

Bottom line:
Utterly pitiful marketing fail.
As of May 2013 there are only 322 female users based in Japan period.
I was clearly mistaken in thinking that Match was popular here.

Oh wait, maybe it is, but only the Japanese counterpart site and the money I just paid does not apply to that site.

The English language/international version of Match is a very bad value for money if you are in Japan and male.

Sure, just maybe I could get incredibly lucky and find a good match here but I doubt it.

322 users total?
How many of them have actually logged on in the last week or so?
How many are within 10 years either side of my age?
How many of them have a photo?
How many of them actually live within 100 miles of me?

Oh well, I've paid my money, gotta be in it to win it, hmm, lets start off by just trudging through and sending winks to any of those 322 who wouldn't be a complete waste of my time (and theirs).


After I sent about 25 winks they blocked my ability to wink


I can only assume that if I get into e-mail ping pong with any girls the site will quickly shut me down for sending too many mails...

Oh wait, I doubt that will be a problem because I guarantee that the girls who aren't paid members won't even be able to read my mails let alone reply to them.

Incidentally, I have been using dating sites for about 10 years now, and the reason it has taken me so very long to get around to Match is because they run everything on lock down.

You are totally paralyzed until you pay.

Once you have wasted your money on this any other dating site purchase you make will be a step in the right direction.

So utterly shit that I probably won't be wasting nearly as many hours on this site as I would have done if it had been half-decent.

Prioritizes paralyzing it's users over helping them find each other and connect.

Can't even wink to your heart's content.

Mutual match and reverse match systems don't even work - my criteria are very broad and neither produced any matches.

Essentially no female users in Japan (322 listed users = about 3 valid users).

The paid membership for the main Match site does not permit access to the Japanese version of the site.


Steve Stev does NOT recommend to friends/family - Total BS Dating Site!


This site advertises that they get more matches than any other dating site but you could not prove it by me. I sent out around 50 to 60 emails and recieved 1 potential date (our schedules did not work out- yeah right) and maybe only 5 answers to my emails. I am in total agreement with the reviewer that said he got more dates at the supermarket- this site simply does not work, especially for all the hype. Also very expensive.


Read my review

Hank does NOT recommend to friends/family - Not so impressed


Thought what the hay... lets give it a try... I am a white collar professional and really thought that i would be able to at least meet a couple people to have a drink and maybe a dinner with... wow was I dissappointed.... dont waste your time. I was a member for 6 months and had more luck talking to people while shopping.

Nice site and a lot of features

No one of any substance.... seems like everybody is looking for something that does not exist.... saw too many players ----

Jim Braidw does NOT recommend to friends/family - mr


i became a memeber and paid for gold membership i had a few days of browsing then when i tried to log in the site said problem with account i emailed customer service and got automated msg saying delete cookies and pop ups on my own com didnt work still cant sign in tried to cancel membership because they take fees from credit cards automatically but got email saying log into acount to cancel back to original problem cant log in SCAM

max does NOT recommend to friends/family

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