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Acquired in 2006 by Avalanche LLC, Matchmaker, a company owned and operated by the founders of, is an online personals website for a more mature audience, 35+ focused on finding long-term, serious relationships and those who are marriage minded. Site features include online personals, a suite of communication tools, dating advice, success stories and much more. Details

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It's time for my second review on this website. I picked because I've never seen this website before and I'm curious to now if they do the matchmaking for me (as the title suggest) or that I have to find my matches on my own.

Their website looks like any other datingsite on the net, although the picture of the man and woman holding a bouqet of roses looks a little too serious for me. No marriage for at least a decade for me!

Opposed to Yahoo! Personals, this website is also available for non US-residents.

Wow! First page of registration was really a breeze. It literally took less than a minute! Let me see what page 2 will bring me :-)

The second page is a bit longer, but the first thing that I notice is that even when you're from a country far from the US (which I am), you still can choose in which state you live and which city! I always love stuff like that. It makes you feel welcome although you're not a US citizen.

Hahaha, the next part of this page consists of characteristics of me that makes me 'unique'. What if I'm not unique? Or does brown eyes and brown hair makes me one of a kind?

I'm a little confused. When you fill out a catching story about yourself (the part I least like about registering) you get constant updates how many percent of this part you have finished. So it looks like you have to write at least 100% to continue your application. But when I have 102% I get a warning I typed too much and have to remove some text What do they want??!!

Step 3 is more of the same. You can fill out musical and sport preferences and stuff like that. Fortunately you can skip this step and directly start uploading a nice picture. After this your account is ready and you can start looking for your match!

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- Available for non US-residents
- Registering is easy

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