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Last updated: October 24, 2017
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Consistently ranked a Top Five online dating destination and with over 20 million registered members, Mate1 offers an open, interactive, and safe global dating environment. caters to people seeking serious, as well as casual relationships, with powerful search tools and detailed profiles that enable users to find the right matches. With live 1-on-1 chat, voice recordings, personal photo galleries and a host of other rich features, is a leader in providing a fun, dynamic, and safe multimedia environment for singles of all types.

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Mate1 - scammed


I met several and everyone tried to scam me one named Nicholas friended me and talked all good things even though I would check everything out that he spoke of was a bold face lie and when I called him out on it he threatened my life and called me so many rude names that I deleted him, In fact he got into my pc and took pictures out of it and threatened to post n other web pages.
As for Mate 1 and any other sites I will not be able to trust any man for awhile what a joke it was a sicken situation


to many scammers

carly does NOT recommend Mate1 to friends/family



If you report scammers,then check back in a few days they're still there.I even gave them the names of the porn stars in the photos that the scammers were using and where and what page they could find them at on will say that there's not a lot of scammers in the search but just about all of the girls that instant message you are scammers.Iv'e also noticed that a lot of the guys that put there scam report on said they met there scammer on joined for free and put up a good profile.Then the letters started pouring in but you cant read them unless you pay.Then i checked to see what it would cost to join but all i could find was the three day trial.Then they charge you fourty some bucks probably for 1 month.Most of the women's photos are dark and hard to see.The way they got it set up is you get nothing for nothing.When they tell you you've got mail you might as well just delete it because it takes you to the pay page for the 3 day trial but won't tell you what its gonna cost after that.It says search millions of profiles but you only get about forty pages with twenty or so women on each page.Its just another CRAPPY site that's not even worth a look.

It lets you think your reporting scammers but it dosn't do anything about them.Search is free but very limited.

Just it being in existence is a con because they won't let you try it out to some extent so i say its a ripoff scam just like the rest of them.I checked out about 20 of the people that sent me instant messages and they all turned out to be scammers.Iv'e spent so much time researching scams and scammer photos that if i say its a scammer, don't bet against me,you'll lose.Your friend SCAMGUTTER

SCAMGUTTER does NOT recommend Mate1 to friends/family

Mate1 - Member



Clyde does NOT recommend Mate1 to friends/family

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