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Last updated: November 22, 2017
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Mature dating online. Join thousands of singles now!

The perfect place for mature singles who are into online dating. Join now, browse profiles, chat and find your perfect match today.

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Mature Dating UK - nothing but a scam


I am amazed this site hasn't been banned by British authorities yet. They simply con money from people.

I got an introductory offer. 3 days access for only £1.99 or so. I agreed and let them charge it to my PayPal account. Big mistake. 2 days into it, getting weird emails from women who definitely had not written these emails to me, I wanted to cancel before they would charge me the £24.95 for another month.
I went into my account setting and followed instructions, and chose to cancel the 'repeat billing' as they call it. No big deal I thought. But God was I wrong. DO NOT let you cancel your automatic payments. Instead you are instructed to await a so-called CANCELLATION CODE, which you are then supposed to enter BEFORE the YET ANOTHER procedure will be given to you, WHICH YOU ALSO have to follow, for them to cancel your payments. However, they DO NOT send you the cancellation code in time to cancel, before the next payment is due. They say they send it within an hour, and you have ONLY 2 days to deactivate your payment, else you WILL be charged. I have not yet made it to the last cancellation 'challenge' and I think I will now just go to the police and report them for FRAUD.

None, this is a scam


Dr Dante does NOT recommend Mature Dating UK to friends/family

Mature Dating UK - Con Con Con


I put a profile on this site just so I could search and view the calibre of the ladies on here. What a surprise it won't let me search without forking out loadsamoney. It also will not let me enlarge the tiny photo's without joining and forking out £80 for 6 months.

I put "........" no wording on the profile page but incredibly within 5 days of registering as a member I have had 27 supposed messages from ladies wanting to talk and 4 wanting to chat online. Needless to say I haven't been suckered into forking out to join as the meessages are undoubtedly created by the site admin as a con in order to get me to pay to join.

Like all other pay sites this is just a cash cow created by someone to get gullible people to fork out lumps of cash for nothing.

My advice for all these and other 'pay' sites are don't do it. PLENTY OF FISH is FREE and there are loads of genuine ladies on there. The site doesn't send you FAKE messages in order to get you to join...

None whatsoever

Fake profiles, pay to join, pay to read messages, pay to search, pay to open profiles and photo's...

MrCellopha does NOT recommend Mature Dating UK to friends/family

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