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Reviews: 7 reviews (7): - waste of money. Tiny roster of talent


women with their heads in the ether seldom deign to fly down to check out the crop of men. Most of the women's profile's appear to be permanent.

Here is what I said when i joined:
seek long term monogamy with a stable partner. I am attracted to your kindness, easy temperament, generosity of heart, tolerance, kookiness, and love for animals.
The other part of my brain seeks a svelte, smart, confident, artsy-type, who loves to explore the outdoors, museums, cinema - wherever I can best show you off - actually, so many things become fun again not having to go alone.
It's important to both of us we have our own interests and pursuits, and independence, but also that we enjoy doing some of the same things, or interested in new ones.

Here's what I say now: I have been on and off the dating sites (purgatorio) for far too long, but I have in that time been able to make comparisons. I had high hopes joining this site after suffering on Match and OKC. I thought I'd connect with more down to earth women. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. MeetMindful has far and away the lowest ROI of any dating site - even POF.
I send lovely, sweet messages infrequently on MM. On an average site, about 10% of these will be returned. it doesn't matter how sweet, sincere, clever, insightful - MM women respond less than 5% of the time, if that. That's right: women deign to return less than 1 in 20 messages. Not sure if that qualifies as down to earth, it's more head in the clouds. It also means that well intended gentlemen who are treated similarly will never perpetuate this site.
I know this because I have probably seen every single women's profile on this site (bad pennies all) - and guess what? They join, but they rarely take their profile down because they are simply not meeting men. I'm beginning to think that that may have never been their intention. If they were serious, they would quit and join sites with larger constituencies of credible men and women who actually want to meet someone.
MeetMindful is to me, a wasteland of esoteric, stuck up, uncongenial women who in all likelihood, are ultimately undateable, despite the airs of more Goddesses than all of Ancient Greece - methinks not. MeetMindful is no more than a charade of a dating site, with the lowest prospects of any other site in existence.
It's similar to the CoExist bumper stickers; those people usually turn out to be the most intolerant and wacky people you will ever meet. It's an ironic shame that a dating site that preaches loving kindness happens to be the most alienating and lonely place of all - a paramount of hypocrisy. That's why I quit. As of next Friday.
Oh, and you godesses - good luck with that.

Eldon does NOT recommend to friends/family - Confirmed! It's a scam! Stay away!


Ok I just looked at my "messages" again while closing the window on my pc and I noticed that it says that I received the two replies, that I mentioned in my previous review, 2 days ago. At that time my free trial was still active and I checked my messages last night before bed and they were not in there!


Fraud, no pros.

It's a complete fraud, don't give them any money!

Justin does NOT recommend to friends/family - Very suspicious, think it's a scam.


I tried the free trial, 48 hours. Spent about two hours finding 13 women nearby that I was interested in and writing them quick but thoughtful letters. One woman replied almost immediately and expressed her concern that her free trial was almost up and she wouldn't be able to reply after that, so I sent a second letter giving her my email address so that she wouldn't have to pay for the app. No reply from her or anyone else. . . . until my free trial ended, then I immediately had 2 replies from two different women. Even though I set the distance at 250 miles for the search, both women are well over 300 miles away, requiring more than five hour trip to meet them. So I decided there's no way I'm paying for this just to have them not reply anyway (because "they", meaning the makers of the app who are pretending to be these lovely ladies, just wanted my money and that's it).

Great idea for a dating app, if only it were genuine and free (just put in ads and you'll make money legitimately folks. . . .for shame).

Free trial is only 2 days, ONLY PAID MEMBERS CAN EVEN SEE THE MESSAGES YOU SEND!!! Only paid members can reply (unless it just happens to be there 2 day trial also), the search parameters don't actually work, if you go to someone's profile then return to the search results you go back to the top instead of where you left off, the staff push you to write to people during your free trial and then I didn't get replies until after my trial was up, like right away, extremely suspicious. I think it's a scam, from top to bottom, it's also really expensive, even if it were legit.

Justin does NOT recommend to friends/family - don't be fooled


Review: may show you enough possibilities, BUT, if you think those possibilities can see and then respond to your first message, THINK AGAIN. If THEY are not PREMIUM members, they won't be able to even SEE your message AND most probably will NOT be able to respond.

Look to see how many are, in fact, PREMIUM members, BEFORE you subscribe.



Bob does NOT recommend to friends/family - meet mindful


not sure how legitimate this site is.... agree with the first reviewer here.. some sketchy stuff going on with this site I think.

would not recommend!

linda owens does NOT recommend to friends/family - How Mindful is it?


I only signed up for the free month and almost immediately received a response with a very attractive photo and profile. There was no response to my response and I wondered if it was a 'plant' to increase my interest. I had another response and when I tried to respond received the information that the persons profile had been deleted. When the month lapsed I left my profile on and have had 2 responses. I did not respond to the first 1 as I did not see it as a match. I 'liked' the second 1 as I could not do more without paying and wasn't sure I wanted to pay at that point. The person supposedly sent me a message. I took some time from when I read the message (about an hour and a half) and decided to try the service for a month. When I went back in the response I got was that the person had deleted or had their profile deleted from the site. I very much wonder about the legitamacy of the site.

Dee does NOT recommend to friends/family - Is this a scam?!


I signed up for a Free account, and prepaid for the 3 months. It was NOT supposed to automatically renew; the website states that the Premium account automatically renews, not the Free account. But they did automatically renew it, and there is no way to contact them to get a refund and make sure they don't charge me ever again. The contact button on the website doesn't work, there's no phone number listed on the website, and the phone number on my credit card statement linked to the charge is not working.

Wrongful charges on my credit card. No owners' names on the website; no mailing address; no customer support phone number; no contact email address; no way to reach them.

Judy Corkl does NOT recommend to friends/family

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