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Reviews: 4 reviews (4): - don't be fooled


Review: may show you enough possibilities, BUT, if you think those possibilities can see and then respond to your first message, THINK AGAIN. If THEY are not PREMIUM members, they won't be able to even SEE your message AND most probably will NOT be able to respond.

Look to see how many are, in fact, PREMIUM members, BEFORE you subscribe.



Bob does NOT recommend to friends/family - meet mindful


not sure how legitimate this site is.... agree with the first reviewer here.. some sketchy stuff going on with this site I think.

would not recommend!

linda owens does NOT recommend to friends/family - How Mindful is it?


I only signed up for the free month and almost immediately received a response with a very attractive photo and profile. There was no response to my response and I wondered if it was a 'plant' to increase my interest. I had another response and when I tried to respond received the information that the persons profile had been deleted. When the month lapsed I left my profile on and have had 2 responses. I did not respond to the first 1 as I did not see it as a match. I 'liked' the second 1 as I could not do more without paying and wasn't sure I wanted to pay at that point. The person supposedly sent me a message. I took some time from when I read the message (about an hour and a half) and decided to try the service for a month. When I went back in the response I got was that the person had deleted or had their profile deleted from the site. I very much wonder about the legitamacy of the site.

Dee does NOT recommend to friends/family - Is this a scam?!


I signed up for a Free account, and prepaid for the 3 months. It was NOT supposed to automatically renew; the website states that the Premium account automatically renews, not the Free account. But they did automatically renew it, and there is no way to contact them to get a refund and make sure they don't charge me ever again. The contact button on the website doesn't work, there's no phone number listed on the website, and the phone number on my credit card statement linked to the charge is not working.

Wrongful charges on my credit card. No owners' names on the website; no mailing address; no customer support phone number; no contact email address; no way to reach them.

Judy Corkl does NOT recommend to friends/family

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