Mixxxer.com Review - Terrible and misleading. FAKE!!!!!

Mixxxer.com - Terrible and misleading. FAKE!!!!!


Very cool setup and content, you see lots of nude girls, sluts saying dirty things, constant flows of "to good to be true" woman that you would see one after another boom boom boom. I had a great profile, great pics that get me hit on alot in the outside. But after checking out profiles and sending message after message to DOZENS of chicks that were gettable and only supposedly living "10 to 30 miles away" from me....I got a bunch of VIEWED ME's but not one single damn word to even hint at a real person or real response. I feel dumb. $8 gone. Gay

Hot chicks in nothing. Too beat off to...?

Everything from the dicks who made it to the ID's they've probly stolen and messed up because of it.

Cooper does NOT recommend Mixxxer.com to friends/family


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