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Last updated: May 20, 2016
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Mr and Miss Black

Mr and Miss Black is the site Black Americans trust to connect with other black singles for casual dating, relationships, and much more.

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1 stars, 3 Reviews

Mr and Miss Black reviews (3):

Mr and Miss Black - Not real!


There was just to many girls from little towns nearby that i have never heard of before. I checked the demographics of those towns and they were literally a max of 3 black person in each one. So how is there multiple black women from these small country towns.

Im glad I didnt pay.

Rip off

Wood does NOT recommend Mr and Miss Black to friends/family

Mr and Miss Black - Poor Customer Service, Expensive and potential fak


I joined this website, was swamped with messages, flirts, gifts etc but was unable to respond until l signed up to a package. I chose the 3 day VIP package and found access very restricted. When l complained, I was offered a better deal but was unable to take it up as they said my card mysteriously wouldn't go through even though l checked online at time and there was more than sufficient funds to cover the charge. They cancelled my account and told me call a number or visit chat to take up the offer at a later date. When l tried to take up the better offer l was told I'd have to take put another trial package to qualify.
Rip off city! I have now left the site with over 20 unanswered emails, countless unanswered flirts and unopened gifts. Don't waste your time or your money, no real dating site would've allowed me to leave if l was really that popular.

Expensive, poor customer service. Fake profiles.

Ian does NOT recommend Mr and Miss Black to friends/family

Mr and Miss Black - Scam


This site is a spin off of Blackcrush. It has the same format and is identical, check it out and see for yourself. Blackcrush has lots of fake profiles and automated messages and is exspensive to join. There is never that many women online the few there are the same ones. Brothers don't waste your time and hard earned money.

Allen does NOT recommend Mr and Miss Black to friends/family

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