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I think the website is a waste of time becasue most members do not seem to contact when you email members. Also i would also like to confirm that i came across phony pictures and duplications of some pictures on other people's profiles which scared me. It put me off but then I continued to carry on my search.

I also believe there are people who are not being truthful and should be barred as a muslim matrimonial website is for marriage not for friendship this is why it is a MUSLIM matrimonial website it is not an asian dating site there are loads of these already on the net and if someone wants to be just friends with someone go on dating sites and not matrimonial sites.

there were no prons


Date: April 27, 2010 - 2:29

By: Aliya - Custo

We understand your concern. However, Islam does strongly recommend us to mix with non-Muslims in order for us to call them to Islam, as Allah may guide them one day. Further, the non-Muslim members on the site have indicated that they are interested in learning about Islam and Muslim people.

Islam teaches that a good Muslim respects others even if they are non-Muslims. However, Islam demands us to give priority to our commitment to our religion and it's teachings. If one's non-Muslim friends attempt to mislead him or demand him to do something against Islam, he should not obey them and must refrain from doing this. If this type of behavior occurs, please inform us immediately in more details so we can take immediate action against this member.

It is a condition of membership that all people truthfully complete their profile information and the vast majority of people do abide by this however as you can appreciate, it is impossible for us or any other internet based dating site to verify the identity of the people who use its service. However, our company takes extensive measures to prevent non genuine profiles and prevent fraudulent behavior on our sites. These measures include:

* Delete any profiles believed to be non-genuine.

* Provide a ?report abuse? feedback form for members to provide information about members who ask for money or profiles they are concerned about.

* Provide extensive information regarding how to avoid being scammed in multiple locations on the website, including the member mail system and profile pages.

* Use third party, world-class fraud prevention technology

* Have a dedicated fraud prevention team

We do our best to remove these people from our site, deleting any profiles showing dubious photos or information, as soon as we see them, however we also rely on our valued members who kindly report to us any suspect or fake profiles they find on our site.

We apologise for your negative experience on but assure you we that our site is legitimate. Our site is owned and operated by Australia based company, CupidMedia Pty Ltd. Our business has been operating since 1999. We are an Australian company are therefore subject to strict rules and regulations which govern how a company may operate. These rules and regulations are similar to US or European rules and regulations.

To find out more about Cupid Media, please visit our website -

Date: June 5, 2010 - 11:46

By: Abdur Rahiem

Assalaamu Alaykum
I would have to agree about the Islam and marriage portion, the whole friendship thing really kind of contradicts the purpose of the website. Not to say that some genuine relationships haven't come out of this, and Allah knows best. And not to make any broad sweeping statements about the website because I know that there are some brothers and sisters who are on the website with Halal intentions, but when you really case the website it just seems like a place for people who all have things their trying to hide or have wronged themselves really bad. I know that sounds bad but if you really look at the website, most the women don't have hijab, most the brothers have no beard, and the killing part is the people who openly admit they drink. For one we are not suppose to disclose our sins especially for the whole world to see.

And the portion about mixing with Kafr's is def. wrong. You become like the company that you keep, and there is a big difference between that and giving Dawaa. This is suppose to be a matrimonial website for Muslims, how is it relevant to non-muslims then? Providing a service like this is based on the assumption that brothers and sisters are sticking to the sunnah, but there is no intermediary of any kind. I speak from experience because I had all the Halal intentions in the world. I have never been married, no kids, been muslim for 4 yrs, only 26, working, going to school, all that good stuff. I met a woman who, if you have some kind of database to track old members her name is Teresa or Yaqin Abdullah and she is 38 or 39, or so she said, and in cleveland, Ohio. I paid for my membership and after 2 weeks she contacted me and we hit it off. She has 3 kids and seemed like she was striving for Allah. We spoke for a month or so and decided to get engaged. This all took place over several months, we decided to get married and I sent her the money for a plane ticket as a man should provide for the woman, and we planned to move together and the whole bit. But to make a long story short in the end it ended up coming out that she committed adultery with some so called brother who is in prison now, while she was married to her husband. And then at the last second she decided we shouldn't get married and ran off with my $400. It's not about the money, the last thing I'm trippin about is a little $400. And I will get that back from Allah. But it's too easy to set a profile up on this website and the people with genuine intentions will get stung by con-artists like her. Don't let her back on this website.

And you really should consider tightening up shop before somebody like a lawyer gets on here and sues your pants off. But inshallah this site is set up for brothers and sisters to actually get married and not just to make money, and inshallah Allah will reward you. But it needs to be better. And if this makes you delete my profile ( Rahiem Martin in Cedar Rapids, IA), then cheers because I haven't had anything but horrible experiences.

Date: September 25, 2010 - 20:50

By: Revert.....

In response to the email by Rahiem Martin in Cedar Rapids, IA) saddens me that this happens to so many people online as you wrote. I am very familiar with as I was on and off that site for a few years. I will say that more than fake profiles my concern is the huge number of people that say they are Muslim, yet, they are there to solicit online liasons with willing parties that obviously do not fear Allah as well. I joined as a new revert and had a "pure" mind toward what I would encounter there. Yet, I have had to intervene in many serious verbals within the chat room where "brother" went against "brother". I soon learned that while many may be Muslim by label only, it is quite another thing for someone to actually live a life pleasing to God. The the fact that I am American made me of prime interest for many men looking to "advance their lifestyle"and I would receive sometimes over 25 emails everyday. I found very few men that 1.know their God 2.fear Allah 3.are serious about marriage 4.have a plan to establish a home that is blessed by God 5.have the financial means or ability to provide for a wife 6.understand that it is haram to treat women like sex objects. Unfortunately, I learned very quickly the negative effects of online marriage searches, yet, I believe there are good, God-fearing men in this world, this nation, so I will trust my God.

Date: January 14, 2011 - 7:19

By: KK

Beware that has lots of fakes female profiles. I have experienced myself. I find that CupidMedia is bit easy on females profiles as compare to males. Any one with right eyes can spot these fake profiles but CupidMedia tend to ignore them. They treat paid customer and unpaid in almost same level.

Date: July 19, 2011 - 14:24

By: HH

I was a member of this site for more than 3 months, and I was shocked to find out that ALL female members on that site are fake! Not only that, they all claim one day that they are from one certain country, and the other day say that they are from either Morocco or Ghana. One other important fact is that one of the workers at the page told me personally that the website adminitrators create many false profiles on females and males just to attract members to join and pay. AND that each worker at the page chats with more than a 100 people (!) the page has chosen.
I know that this sounds very shocking and unbelievable, but I want to make a file complaint about this page to the international police or something similar because they are ALL fake there, and I am not the first person to say this, I have whole list of people complaining of the same problem.

Date: November 10, 2011 - 5:47

By: Habibi Matrimonials

Assalamu Alaikum. You have to keep in mind that is NOT owned by Muslims rather ECOM HOLDINGs INC. which is an Investment Company. This is why I always state that it is important the owner of any Muslim themed Matrimonials website have the insight into what is halal and haram otherwise what is the difference between a dating website and a so called "Muslim Matrimonials"? It is the intention of the webmaster to not fool people into joining based on fake number of profiles. It is the duty of the Muslim webmaster to delete all scammers and spammers and players. When a profile has access to a SCAM button this allow the Admin to know that the said profile is no good for the purpose of those who sign up for the sake of marriage.
Muslima is not a horrible website, you can find your spouse using this portal but you have to be super strong in your deen to fight the ways of the shaton. You know we are all weak. It is the duty of the webmaster to control so much of the interests of the Muslims and IF they do not do this, then one has to seek alternatives. I know Walis are an important resource, and we have Imams, parents, and single themselves. I have personally e-mailed hundreds of Imams to join to help represent the Muslims in their area but few have joined and I have to say unless the community is ready to step up and help the single Muslims then your fate will end up where you least like to be.

If you do not like a site because of the complaints said above, the join a site where there are 100% real profiles, like Habibi Matrimonials! Google our name.

Date: April 15, 2012 - 18:20

By: szegnar

SalamoAlaikom.when i read these comments,i can just to cry. alhamdolillah iam muslim.before i used this site,hoped that i can to find a good muslim man to be my forever husband..but after short time i saw,most of men,call theirself "muslim"..but their behave r so far from Islam. most of them just use this site to play dirty game..or to get a good chance to move to another country..want Visa

Date: August 8, 2012 - 11:29

By: ali

I am I AM AN INTERNET ENGINEER , i did join muslima for one month and i will say 90% of photos are fake alot of profiles has same ip adress i did Screech's Photo and most are Fake photos alot of photos have been around for decades and didn't always require high tech solutions. stay away from this site

Date: August 10, 2012 - 9:21

By: Stella

Dear Users,

It is unfortunate that your experience on our site has not been a pleasing one for you. We would like to address a few issues to make you understand better how our site works so that you may have success while making use of it.

First we would like to emphasize that our site is purely a Muslim matrimonial site for people who are interested in marrying Muslims. For this reason you will find a number of non-Muslim single and women who are looking for Muslim spouses and are therefore willing to convert to Islam. This does not mean that such people are out to defraud other members. We have a very dedicated fraud team that does a good job of ensuring that all members who are suspicious and seem non-genuine are removed from our site. However because we are an online site it is very difficult to verify the true identity and intention of every member. It is for this reason that we always seek the help of our members in getting rid of any suspicious member by reporting them to with the Customer Service team through [email protected]

Secondly our staff DO NOT own any profiles or interact online with any members. All our profiles belong to independent members who have found an interest in joining and are looking to find a compatible Muslim spouse. Our employees do not ask members for money as well and in the unlikely event this does occur, we will fully investigate this.

Lastly we have three different member subscriptions, Standard, Gold and Platinum that members can freely choose from. Every subscription level has different benefits. Standard members can only send ?interest? messages, add up to five photos, contact paying members and read messages from Gold and Platinum members. Gold members can send ?interest? messages, add up to five photos, read messages from any member including Standard members, Chat through instant messenger, add a personality profile and their profile above Standard members. For the Platinum members they enjoy the same benefits as Gold members, their profiles rank above Gold members, can watch video profiles and read video video mail.

We have thousands of genuine members who would like to meet their Muslim spouses and we would like to encourage you not to let a few non-genuine members stand in your way of finding your life partner!

Date: July 25, 2013 - 6:41

By: Samira is a complete scam!!! I confirm!
Stay away from this website brothers and sisters!
May Allah help us all...

Date: August 25, 2015 - 21:56

By: Bilal

I joined for general interest a few years back. I haven't been using this website from a while but one thing i witnesses is that several different names and profile has same pictures. which shows that either they are made up by someone - most likely the site owner - or the members are not sincere in uploading their info. This website is MOST LIKELY not a good one to find a muslim partner. typical problems of such site is that we don't really know whom we are chatting to , boy, girl, transgender, inbetween, even rapist, terrorist, old hag etc. My sincere advice --- avoid that site. As i had expected, a fake abuser quickly popped up in the comment, hired by the website, to "clear" misunderstanding among commentators- in otherway, try to neutralize the honest bad opinions of many of us about this site.

Date: October 25, 2015 - 14:10

By: Ibrahim

Asalamu Alykom, well...i'm a gold member of right now.
I'm honestly not sure if there are fake accounts but sure i'm very very SUSPICIOUS about it and sure there are some FAKE photos and weird profiles.
what's CAUGHT my attention is that when i helped a local female in creating an account, she got more than 10 interests and a lot of messages and few views in LESS THAN 10 minutes.
same happened to me but not like this huge rate.
the funny thing is that she didn't even upload a photo or wrote the most basic info, so there's something WRONG here, it's either with OWNERS of site or the members themselves are not serious at all.
Another thing is that when you see a female member and you say okay this is THE ONE, you view her profile, you send message, you send interest, but over 90% of them don't even view back your profile!!! (although alhamduillah i'm handsome) i work in advertising and marketing and I KNOW and tested that 99% of people might not want to call you, might not want to meet you, might not want to buy from you, but absolutely they WILL READ your email or message, but when i go to INBOX it shows that they still DID NOT read it!!! so i'm now almost CERTAIN and need only 1% to delete my account and warn the others.

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