Mylocalcrush Review - 60 messages and not honest response

Mylocalcrush - 60 messages and not honest response


I went through 60 messages. There were a couple of interesting conversations. Not that I expected anything to come from. The bots that are programmed to entice you and get you to buy more credits have decent logic programming. The idea is clear in what the say. The initial click bait is written by someone absolutely fluent in English. When you engage in conversation, your message gets sent through an excellent, albeit imperfect, translation program. The bot that you are engaging responds in Swedish and the process is repeated to output in a less than perfect semblance of English. If the little gray heart after their Profile name didn't give it away, the response to your message should tell you that it's a bot.
So, is it a fraud? Hardly! It is clearly stated in the "Terms and Conditions" (TaC) that you agree to accept incoming interactions from these bots.They aren't called bots by the marketing team. If they were, there would be no chance that a man will fall victim to their scheme unless he simply foregoes reading of the TaC. Women are just not going to sign up for a site where they are going to compete with sexually aggressive bots. Therefore, yo are not going to get a hookup at Mylocalcrush.

The site layout and functions require minimal learning

The site does not offer anything of value to a man who wants to meet sexually hungry women.
If this was grounds for fraud then the site would be a fraud.

Xepshunall does NOT recommend Mylocalcrush to friends/family


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