Seeking Arrangement Review - Nothing Other Than A Total Money Scam!

Seeking Arrangement - Nothing Other Than A Total Money Scam!


This is not a Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby website by any stretch and I was on it for over 3 years. It is nothing more than "welfare-seeking" site for a lot of unemployed women-of-color and low-rent white trash. Most of the women (used very loosely here) are requesting either weekly or monthly allowances - up to and including total "financial domination" meaning you pay for everything in their lives from rent to medical bills). You can't imagine what "women" will ask for and even want you to guarantee - which includes several hundred $$$ just for you to be "screened by them to see suitablility" on the first encounter.

Even more ridiculous: Women want you to send them money for no sex, never meet, and just to talk on the phone.

Brandon Wade, the owner, said recently in an WSJ article that he was "checking into" the prostitution possibilities of this site (LOL!). Who is kidding who???

Don't waste your money!!!

I suggest they change the name to "Seeking Losers."

Lots of "choices"

It is 99% prostitution.

Jeffrey does NOT recommend Seeking Arrangement to friends/family


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