Sensual Agenda Review - Bogus Website

Sensual Agenda - Bogus Website


All the models are horny as hell and are ready to do the nasty at the drop of a hat... until you buy credits. Once you pay and message these women,they just want to talk about anything but the sexual cravings that cause you to contact them. I called their bluff on contacting me thru my cel text.
Anyone in their right mind would rather talk for free than pay
$1.50 a reply, right? Once I exposed the scam to these women, there was no reply after that. So I changed my
onsite profile stating that the website was a scam. The next day my comments were erased. Stupid me, right. Don't do it.


Waste of money. These women get paid to tempt and not deliver.

Ryan Renos does NOT recommend Sensual Agenda to friends/family


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