dont believe the negative talk

dont believe the negative talk

that is total bullshit! im tired of the negatives let me tell you the pros: as soon as you go on the site there are people who are online that you can talk to there are a variety of people of all races and genders (even trannies) but if you are not a total loser or pervert looking to just get yourself off and you are attractive and are composed of some substance then you will be successful. i have been on there five times and have hooked up three out of five i now have the three month membership.when i am in need i can depend on sexsearch to keep me from being alone you just have to show the people what they want to see and you cant be a lameass!

instant messaging,beautiful people! you will be horny just going online!

every now and then there are computer generated profiles but not as many as some people claim.

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