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Last updated: October 13, 2017
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You can meet nearby singles on the world's first online velocity dating website through Speeddate.com which is a progressive web dating administration intended to make it as simple and snappy as would be prudent for you to unite with different singles in your general vicinity. We permit singles to go on numerous live 5-moment online dates from the comfort of home utilizing texting, webcam feature talk, and live sound. Dissimilar to other dating personals administrations, it takes one moment to sign up for Speeddate.com. After you sign up, you can promptly start live web dating and get together to 15 different singles for every hour. Sign up for nothing and begin gathering individuals at this time. On other dating personals administrations we would invest hours rounding out developed profiles or protracted surveys. We'd email with individuals for a little while and afterward would touch base at a date, and know inside three minutes whether we had an association or not. There must be a superior sort of web dating administration! What boded well for us was to outline an internet dating webpage where you could tell rapidly whether you clicked or not, by going on live online dates with different singles from the comfort of home.

There's no dating site out there like Speeddate.com. Since Speeddate.com is centered around live collaboration, its speedy and simple to sign up. You could be on a live online date with an alternate neighborhood single inside a moment. Simply sign up, enter your inclination, and we will naturally begin acquainting you with individuals for three moment dates. After your three moment date, you vote whether you might want to keep visiting. In the event that you vote yes and there is a match, you continue visiting as long as you need. If not, you simply move onto someone else. Not just is Speeddate.com the head online rate dating webpage, it is additionally pressed with other fun gimmicks, for example, being a tease, winking, and sending private messages. In the event that you are searching for a dating personals benefit that permits you to associate immediately with different singles, attempt Speeddate.com to get different dating experience.

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With a SpeedDate.com free trial membership you can use all the basic features the website has to offer. After subscribing for a SpeedDate.com Full Membership you'll benefit from lots of extras. The SpeedDate.com price for a 1 year membership is $ 12.95 per month: the SpeedDate.com discount is then 57%! For a 6 month during membership the SpeedDate.com price is $15,95 per month, which gives you a SpeedDate.com discount of 47%. So, the SpeedDate.com rates depend on your type of membership.


To get SpeedDate.com contact about all billing and charges issues, send an email to: [email protected]

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  • February 13, 2013 SpeedDate sold to IAC (owner of Match.com)
    SpeedDate.com, the online webcam enhanced speed dating service for Fun and Easy Online Speed Dating, has been sold to IAC, the owner of Match.com. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. Read more

SpeedDate.com reviews (101):

SpeedDate.com - Scam artists


I currently have reported this site to BBB. They are refusing to refund my money after accidently clucked on the wrong button. A YEAR!!!. I received no respond from them after numerous attempts at a number that doesnt have any customer service available...I was directed to a site with an email still no response. Another e- mail address still no response. I really do not believe this is a legitimate site. The people on this site are probably the owners.
Now they are refusing to refund after their contracts states they do....

Not a legitimate site...scam artists and perverts.

marilyn does NOT recommend SpeedDate.com to friends/family

SpeedDate.com - beware scams and looters


Had my CC hijacked and used to sign up for a membership. There was a phone number on the billing line online, called it and they do not accept calls.
Went to the web site and found NO way to contact these people to tell them of the fraud.
Luckily the cc company jumped in and cancelled the card and these charges.

no way to contact these people.

wayno does NOT recommend SpeedDate.com to friends/family

SpeedDate.com - If you like perverts and red necks


Speed date is pretty chancie! I got to chat with one guy for quite a while who seemed nice, we used the camera utility to see each other until he exposed himself to me! Holy crap! I did not bargin for that! So ladies watch out, the peverts have gone cyber.

I will say I did chat with one guy who seemed decent, but no cameras were involved! I was not going there again!

I would not recommend Speed Date, a lot of the men seem pretty sleazy.

(And I take exception to the previous posters comment about only obese women from Ghana on this site.)

Lynn does NOT recommend SpeedDate.com to friends/family

SpeedDate.com - scam


well i just subscribed to this site. $30 shot down the drain it seems. BUT whenever i use one of these sites i ALWAYS use a prepaid credit card. this recurring billing is the biggest rip off. i load the amount i need then use the card and theres no balance left on it. they cant bill it if theres no money. its the best way to put a stop to their scams

SpeedDate.com - RIP OFF


Review all billing for this site, they will rip you off by billing you and having a NO REFUND policy. Does not matter the length of time in your membership! Complete waste of money and site, would NEVER reccommed this site.

Derk does NOT recommend SpeedDate.com to friends/family

SpeedDate.com - Don't use speed date


This is a horible sit. I cancelled my subcription December 8th and now just got billed in July. I called and they will not refund my money. What a rip off. Better off trying to find love in the produce isle at the grocery isle.

David does NOT recommend SpeedDate.com to friends/family

SpeedDate.com - Terrible site


Speeddate.com is awful. First of all, I am NEVER willing to pay for any of these sites. It doesn't matter which one it is. I'm not serious about using them to find love. This site is particularly terrible though. I get messages from guys all over the world soliciting me for cybersex or telling me they want to marry me because they're foreign and I'm pretty. You only get 5 minutes to talk to people and then you have to pay. And I mean pay for EVERYTHING! You can't view your messages, extend chats if you're enjoying your conversation, see who viewed you, who likes you....nothing. It's really just a waste of time if you're looking seriously. I just use it to kill time these days. It's the worst dating site I've ever been to.

Madison does NOT recommend SpeedDate.com to friends/family

SpeedDate.com - Speeddate.com is another scam...don't join


If you are interested in very obese women or women who live in Ghana, this is the website for you. Every "pretty" lady posts that she lives stateside until you speeddate. Ask them where they live..the answer is Ghana. I'm at the point now when I connect with a pretty lady, instead of asking where she lives I just ask how things are in Ghana. Like all of the rest, this website is a complete Bust!!!!!!

Art does NOT recommend SpeedDate.com to friends/family

SpeedDate.com - Scam


They are scammers who lead you to believe its a free trial and it is anything but. And then they womt even consider a refund. They are bad business people. And someone is using your credit card number to purchase is using the numbers to make purchases it happened to me and they dont care. I think this is a bad company with no standards or customer support or value.

there are none

They are thieves

Mary does NOT recommend SpeedDate.com to friends/family

SpeedDate.com - russians


i have been getting mail from russian women who are still living in russia , however their profiles list them as living in close proximity to me, this is highly suspect to me,i would never join a site like this for money, i just surf it in my spare time.

bryan does NOT recommend SpeedDate.com to friends/family

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