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After being disappointed and hurt repeatedly by my ex-boyfriend who said he could never afford to do anything, I signed up for this site on an impulse. I just wanted to meet someone who works as hard as I do, is successful and hoping to meet someone who is the same. I hated the website's name, but it was the first one that came up, and I was in a bit of a vulnerable place. I was honest in my profile saying that I wasn't a paying member, so I couldn't respond to or read emails or communications, but was just checking the site out. The site edited my profile to make it seem as though I was a regular member. The "customer service" people responded to my inquiry by saying they do not allow membership status references in someone's profile. If this is such a high quality site, why do they need to withhold that information? I found the customer service response to be uneducated and off-putting. I was considering signing up for the site to respond to the emails, but the customer service was so poor it left me with a very bad impression of the site.

remains to be seen

poor customer service, site seems to lack education and class

new to thi does NOT recommend to friends/family


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