SweetDiscreet.com Review - Avoid sweetdiscreet

SweetDiscreet.com - Avoid sweetdiscreet


I've seen some blatant ripoff dating and extramarital affair sites but sweetdiscreet takes the cake. My strong sense is that virtually all of the profiles are fake. Many of the profile pics can be found posted on MILF sites elsewhere, and sweetdiscreet uses the most obvious and familiar tactics of barraging prospective buyers with come-ons from alleged women members (who of course never, EVER write again if you reply). Luckily, I only invested $1.95 in a two day trial but that was enough to show me this site's true stripes. Now that I am just a basic member my inbox is filled every day with new bogus messages, likes, and invitations to view private photo galleries, which of course can't be accepted without upgrading my membership. The site is especially sneaky for it's use of a lot of ordinary looking women in it's fake profiles, instead of the blatantly obvious bimbo photos these sorts of scam sites used to post. At any rate, avoid this site at all cost.


Completely fraudulent

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