Tawkify Review - Tawkify refused refund

Tawkify - Tawkify refused refund


I was interviewed by claire Very nice but told me anything to get me to sign on
One specific question I had was, if I decided it's not for me can I cancell and get a refund of the remaining balance She clearly said yes We want you to be satisfied
Well I' had one date, girl was drunk Next day I recurred this is not for me When I asked to have the remaining $1000 refunded, I was told no Their policy states a 3 month minimum
I asked so what if I marry my first date, what you keep the grand ? It's bull shit this site has one intention and that is to sign you I'm not going away I'm not satisfied What about that?
My intentions are to push this far I e requested arbitration That is stealing essentially
I will make you spend way more than my refund for principle



Paul does NOT recommend Tawkify to friends/family


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