WhatsYourPrice.com Review - Fake Profiles just to get you to buy Credits

WhatsYourPrice.com - Fake Profiles just to get you to buy Credits


I have communicated with a few potential dates on here. Several have out of state phone numbers but explain it by saying they just moved to town. The others just never give you a number or email even after you ask for it. Why would they accept your offer to only go away. lol So you will buy credits to communicate! Good luck getting a date on this site.


The women will not really respond and if they do they have a phone number from miles away. After you use credits to communicate you will not hear back from them.

Chris Smit does NOT recommend WhatsYourPrice.com to friends/family


Date: May 25, 2012 - 1:05

By: lana

You don't need email because the site has email built in. If you start asking for email off the site , girls will stop responding to you and you'll just end up in the spam folder like any other email. Talk to them on the site.
Out of state phone numbers I can only assume is because if you're a time waster, loser or just using the girls as a long term phone friend they want to cut you off and move on to someone that's serious.

You don't need phone or email on this site. Just set up the date there and take her out. It so simple that if someone needs tons of conversation before a date and tons of emailing off the site , then they are usually not able to afford a nice date or they want to email to discuss sexual services or ask for naked pictures. That's been my experience so far with the guy that throws his email in the first message or gives me his number. I now no longer do it. I just avoid the question over and over again even after he puts his number in the message for the 9th time.

Take them out and they may give you their number after meeting you in person.

One creeper still sends me random text messages today even though I never went out on a date with him.

Date: May 25, 2012 - 12:44

By: chris smith

Wow, you sound like you work there. Your funny. I never asked for email or phone. Only a few have given phone numbers freely after accepting an offer. LOL they had phone numbers from out of state. Guess they are all just on the move. The others accepted offers and then stop responding. Guess they were too busy to come get the money.
I am not a time waster. LOL I'm a man we don't waste time. The girls waste your time wanting to chit chat on the sites email rather actually go out.

Date: July 3, 2012 - 6:05

By: Al

Dude, with you being 49, I think you nailed the 48+ stereotype in the other review...you're looking for escorts or getting hooked by them. Don't act like you are new to the Interwebz and don't know how that works.

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