WhatsYourPrice.com Review - FAKE

WhatsYourPrice.com - FAKE


Don't believe it. 80% of the girls are fake and all of them love "sushi" on their profile. They have VAs in India who get you to reply. Don't waste your time on this site.

truth does NOT recommend WhatsYourPrice.com to friends/family


Date: September 21, 2012 - 15:56

By: apb

Mostly POF rejects now. Went on one date and the gal had something on her profile (trouble) later on about how she hates dating guys who don't practice personal hygiene and she won't go on second dates with them. Hmm, that's strong. Take their money, though. I get it. I only saw two women in my area (this is Houston, TX, mind you) who were premium members and a few undesirable looking co-eds, so most can't reply to your messages, AFAIK.

Most offer nothing beyond claiming to be princesses and feel that entitles them to a handout. Okay. I cancelled well before my credits ran out because I just couldn't see myself on a first date--much less a second--with most of them just because I'd feel like I am babysitting.

There was the 19-year old "with PhD potential" from, Ohio who I guess was looking for tuition handouts. Okay, I have a bachelors degree, so color me less than impressed.

There were the escorts, too, including the one from Minneapolis (remember, I'm from Houston, TX) who I had to block after rejecting her many times.

Oh, "Octomom" is there, too. I thought she had money? I guess 14 kids does that to people...

Lie the site idea, but it's basically a bunch of POF rejects dressed up.

Date: March 5, 2013 - 9:37

By: Brad

Nonsense! Maybe in Houston they are fake, but not in SoCal... been on over 10 dates with gorgeous women... worth it... You have to only date the hotties.. assuming Houston has any....

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