XPress.com Review - Scam

XPress.com - Scam


I was smart enough to realize what a scam it was by all the stolen and repeated professional pictures and generic profiles, and was not going to pay for anything. Especially an "advanced search"

Email's never showed they were sent, and even the 100% Guarantee listedn ever actually told you how they "guaranteed" anything. No refund or such in the fine print.

Maybe one or two real users are snuck in here, and maybe an escort as well since they have "Compensation for time"

They need an actual escort if that is what people are looking for.

They try to ahrd to make it look professional. Any one can determine its full of shit.

Was worth 20 minutes to laugh.


Yes. Yes it is one big con.

Mar Lee does NOT recommend XPress.com to friends/family


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