Obvious scam

There are numerous sites that are illegitimate, but this site has to be among the top of the list. Me, being a complete fool, decided to stick with it for the long haul! Granted it was my first experience with a dating site. I wasted well over a year for my membership. As these previous reviews mentioned prior, there are site administrators posing as female, and possibly male, members. Their purpose is to bombard you with emails from the opposite sex to rope you into paying for their site, but once you do, you become significantly less popular. Big surprise! They eventually offer half-off monthly discounts when you attempt to cancel your membership. There are also profiles set up by con artists from other countries, for ex, the Philippines, that offer their email, and ask you for money when you decide to contact them. Majorly, they reside on Yahoo messenger. That's an obvious red flag, if the request for money wasn't enough. There are several sites with the exact same set up as XXX Match, they're all the same, and all connected. Save yourself a lot of time and money, and look elsewhere.

None, unless you wanna pay your hard earned money to get mind-f**ked!

Ha! The key word being "CON"! Keep away from this site at all costs, please protect your wallets from these scam artists!

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