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Last updated: March 4, 2008
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The Yahoo! Personals Internet dating service is for singles who want to add romance to their lives. Join the Yahoo! Personals site, meet local singles, and start having the kind of first dates that lead to second dates... and beyond. Try it free.

This website doesn't exist anymore!

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Yahoo Personals - Only for US-residents


This will be my first review for so let me make it a good one

Where I live everybody knows Yahoo!, but only a few people know about Yahoo Personals. I guess they don't have much marketing going on outside the US. Therefore I'm really anxious to know wheather I'm going to like this datingsite or not.

Let me start judging the design. The site looks a bit dull because it uses the same colors it also uses for the frontpage. A big banner promotes a FREE 7-DAY PASS. Let me see if can get hold on of those!

Too bad this banner is nog clickable. Now how do I know if I register through the right link. I'll just register and after that I'll demand my free 7 day pass. Wait a second, I just saw that the FREE 7 DAY PASS is only granted to people who get a paid subscription. When I read the small print I find out you will only get the FREE PASS when you cancel your paid subscription within those 7 days. I really don't like promotions like that so I'll just register the normal way.

The register-page looks nice. Has handy little functions to prevent you from filling out wrong information. It looks like you can directly sign in using your Yahoo account. Since I haven't used my Yahoo emailaddress for over a decade. I think it's time to make a new one. I hope I will be able to change that address so I receive notices and messages at my gmail-account.

On the next page you'll get a summary of your account details and the option to install the Yahoo! search bar. No, thank you very much!

Next you can tell Yahoo what your looking for. Now I find out that Yahoo Personals are only available for US residents. I can only look for singles within a specified radius of US-cities. Big bummer

Let me just finish this review by pretendig I live in New York City. I was there a few weeks ago so that makes me almost a New Yorker right? ;-)

You can fillout a whole page with all the preferences you can imagine. What I like is that you can state if a particular preference is very important or not. More datingsites should develop such difference.

Wow! Almost 600 women are fitting my preferences! And I even selected the option to show only the ones who were only online this week!

Let my try to contact a few and then I'll write another review!

- A huge database of singles!
- Clear design
- Easy registration

- Only for US residents
- Only free pass for paying subscribers
- You can only use a Yahoo! email address

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