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Last updated: November 3, 2017
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Zoosk.com is a heading web dating company that adapts as you click keeping in mind the end goal to match you with singles you're liable to be commonly pulled in to. Zoosk.com 's Behavioral Matchmaking™ engineering is continually gaining from the activities of in excess of 27 million searchable parts so as to convey better matches progressively. With the #1 accumulating internet dating application in the Apple App Store, Zoosk is a business sector pioneer in versatile dating. Accessible in excess of 80 nations and interpreted into 25 dialects, Zoosk is a positively worldwide internet dating stage. Beginning with Zoosk.com is simple! In the event that you are 18 years old or more seasoned, essentially click here or duplicate & glue this connection into your program http://login.zoosk.com to start making your Zoosk.com account. On this information exchange screen you will need to give all the asked for substance to the gave data fields. You'll get an email with a connection to affirm your record. You can additionally start your record by adding the Zoosk application to your Facebook account or by downloading the Zoosk.com application accessible for your cell phones.

Be that as it may we recommend you buy one at your neighborhood computer or retail location. Most web cams now are extremely modest and plug into your USB-empowered computer. Accept us, once you turn on your Polaroid on zoosk.com, you will greatly expand reactions. You may see truly a couple of individuals talking on the feature cams. Never forget to be respectful with different parts. Common talk ettiquette is as takes after in zoosk.com. In the wake of securing your record, you're prepared to make your profile! Before you know it, you will be gathering different singles and having some good times utilizing Zoosk. We trust this helps you start your Zoosk record set-up, however please contact client help on the off chance that you have extra inquiries or still oblige support. You can begin on Zoosk completely free. Make your profile, hunt down singles, and send starting winks and messages for nothing! To increase more prominent access to Zoosk, you can buy a Subscription. A few profits of being a Subscriber on Zoosk incorporate the accompanying: such as Get full get to send and get messages and winks, Talk with your companions, Discover who saw your profile and Get full get to Smartpick characteristics.

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Reviews: 11

Zoosk Promotions & News

  • April 6, 2012 Zoosk launches couple profiles with ?Romantic Moments?
    Keeping up with the current trend for couple?s apps, the dating and romantic social network Zoosk is launching Couple Profiles. This way lovebirds can chart their relationship on a joint profile. Sounds like a joint bank account for social credit. Starting today, couples can build their joint profile on the Zoosk platform and share their lives together. The combined account has a ?Romantic Mome Read more

Zoosk reviews (11):

Zoosk - unethical


they send you emails
ted has messaged you
try to read the then you have to

hthen they send you email saying 1o people are interested in..
when you look at the pictures it is people from 2 years
would never subscribe to this sight,,
keep your money

couldn't find any

pictures they bring up as new profiles but are old pics
says, free but until you join as a paid member you cannot
cannot contact any one

rob does NOT recommend Zoosk to friends/family

Zoosk - Clever, Innovative Scams built-in


Most amazing to me is that they are pushing for mainstream status so badly, they are actually running TV ads. I have to hand it to whoever came up with
the Carousel, which makes the whole site basically a SCAM. Once member realize they get tangible, spendable "coins" as rewards for saying "YES, I want to meet this person", all bets are off. So John in NYC gets an email that "Mary wants to meet you!", only to find out that "Mary", if she even exists, lives is Mexico City. In the unlikely event that she's reasonable local and possibly a match, it's guaranteed that you won't get a reply from her - she's just collecting coins by spinning the roulette wheel!!!

Not many. Paid membership, zero or nearly zero communications, zero dates. Better layout than some sites, but does it matter? Like a pretty car that won't start?

Clever (not in a good way). 2 ways to take your money. First you pay and think you're a full member. Then they sell you "coins" to contact "good matches". But wait, you can get SOME coins by lying at the Carousel, saying you want to meet every member who comes up, collecting 40 coins a day. Or just send more money to Zoosk. AND to turn off auto-renew...well, you better start trying to figure out how months ahead of time, because no refunds once you've paid for a subscription. Despite signing up online, they TELL YOU THAT YOU MUST CALL THEM ON THE PHONE to cancel!!! This is so f'ked up it should be illegal. Just sayin...

Marsha M does NOT recommend Zoosk to friends/family

Zoosk - tiffs


don't go zoosk they will take your money they say it's free but then they say it's only $18 and then they take over $100 of your account they are tiffs nothing else

stjepan does NOT recommend Zoosk to friends/family

Zoosk - not what they say


i wanted only local people...not so ..theyre from all over the country...there are crooks and fun seeking crooks..i had a guy pretend to be somebody..wheni checked it out he doesnt really exist..be caredulltheyll try to get money from u..he pretended that he would move heaven and earth to be with me..in the end he claimed he was in west africa and needed money to get his wares out of port and ship to us..be caredul out there..this is not a safe site...also i cant find my receipt for my payment..so im going to write and cancel..all they want is money...u cant call..or reach them..once they have your card forget it....

there arent any

there arent any..ive tried deleting these people that i dont want and they just keep appearing over and over

deloris does NOT recommend Zoosk to friends/family

Zoosk - There are just a couple of dating sites that are A


Zoosk on the front, appears to be a professional organization, however this is in large part to the site having been well planned and very well designed. At this point we must remember the saying, "Don't judge a book by its cover". (especially so during rough economic times when the "Whore-Fest" for the dollar is in full swing and by everyone). So signed up for an account, placed a pic, filled in some profile info, and away I went searching, and flirting and winking - needless to say many of those I contacted had near real time replies back to me (later I went on to find that in settings one can set auto-respond on) so my initial flag of concern was dampened, for a moment. I kept winking non stop for about 60 minutes in order to get some sense of the "normal" workings and data flow of the zoosk system. 60 minutes into this exercise I accidentally clicked a females "Add me as a friend" request and couldn't reverse it. A few moments later that same woman msged me and followed up with another msg about 4 minutews l8r. This was my clue as to the one potential woman on this site at ths time who was actually real, A REAL PERSON. Being I had favorited ths woman previsously I began to get excited and thought ok, I will send her a msg. And thats where the $$$ are required. Needless to say aI was fired up enough to spend some money to start communicating with this young lady when I thought to myself, "Why not do a quick consumer review search on zoosk... and hence I was led to several sites like this one whereby positive reviews where far and few between, infact, not a one exiosted. Here is the reality of this whore fest folks....

1. The number of legite dating sites in existence can be accounted for on a half -a- hand of fingers. That's right, there are only 2-4 dating/social sites online that are worth our time, and our money.

2. 99% of the dating sites in existence are run by shifty, greedy and corrupt people who have been at this art for decades now. It used to be that such "ready made" dating sites came stock with a good few fake profiles and then the whore who paid for and launched the dating site would be offered more and more fake profiels for additional charges. So in essence, many of us have spent a lot of time, resources and money at such sites with a return on our investment of not just ZERO - but actually in the negatives due to all the emotional expenses sacraficed in trying to find someone to love - this above and beyond all the tme, money and resources.

3. What could be worst than to have 10's of thousands of these sh|tty dating sites aLL OVER THE PLACE and all being run by dark, corrupt, whores, who rape us of our time, money, emotions, loive and more? Just when you thought it couldnt get any worse, it does. Most recently our technology in the public space reached a new aradigm shift. So today, if you're a whore looking to buy a cheap ready made dating site you are indeed still offered the "filler" profiles to populate your site with, at a cost, but thats just a soft hook... now for the line sinker and fast track to helll.... because you see, today when a whore buys his ready made rape platform (dating site) he/she is now offered a much deeper set if deception tools, which in turn make our lives so much more difficult, and makes their wallets SO MUCH FATTER. How good are these added tools of deception today on dating sites offered by and for whores? Well the fake profiles are no longer flat, non-dynamic accounts based on simple action/reaction triggers, rather they have now converged the fake prfoiles with robotics and AI (Artificial Intelligence)!!!!!!!!!

WHat does all this mean?

This means that as time goes on more and more whore owned dating sites will be enabled with fakes profiels of which not only contain pictures, about me, about my soul mate, etc.... and matching metrics, but EACH fake profile is assigned a Bot (Robot) that begins with basic actiaon/reaction rules but each Bot/Profile ALSO maintains the ability to send msgs to you, chat LIVE with you, play upon your emotion$$$$ for your money, and ALL the whle doing so the "AI" in these bots allows for each fake profile to learn and grow intelligently from the actions and reactions its receviing!!! Which means that even if your a lonely rocket scientist gal with 5 doctorates in tech and lookin for a date, you will have MUCH difficulty ni the challenge of trying to determine whats/who's real, and whos not. This leads me back to my starting point - I REPEAT - there are only a few (2-4) dating sites in the world that are worthy of our time, money and emotions.... and quite honestly I do not see this fact gettting any better, only MUCH MUCH worse.

If you're interested in my pick for the best dating site online (BTW - That is 110% FREE - then - now - always) simply email me at caliwebman AT gmail and I SHALL DELIVER.... and NOT ASK YOU FOR YOUR EMOTIONS OR MONEY. Hard to believe I know. Try me.

Love & Light,


Clean, Professional Site with standard functions offered.

Zoosk is likely to become, if not already there, a quintessential model for the All persuasive dating site Whore out there who targets honest, hard working people that are in search of love, AND THEN RAPES them of their time, resources, money, emotions, AND OF COURSE THE LAST THIEVERY, OF WHICH THERE IS NO EXCUSE IN THE WORLD FOR STEELING FROM SOMEONE, THEIR/OUR/MY, LOVE.

side note: as a highly decorated mutli-war combat veteran of the US Armed Forces, I can honestly say that there are quite a few of us types that in all actuality would cherish the opportunity to pay visits to the many Whores as outlined above, oh the fun.... aaah on 2nd thought screw the fun, lets rather just surgically remove these types of people/WHORES so they may no longer feed upon the good people, and more importantly so that such blood and lineage just simply ceases to ever again exist. I'm in! Pass the coffer and as it comes by go aherad and proudly place a dollar or 2 into this personal, financial, emotional, and LOVING shift towards the betterment of our species and our planet.

Caliwebman does NOT recommend Zoosk to friends/family

Zoosk - Big trap!,,,renewal policy


Automatic renewal policy is a big trap. You are supposed to read 10 page long subscription terms even they advertise membe rship for one month . Good sites will never have customer unfriendly policy

No outcome
Fake members
Automatic membership
No customer care in uk
U have to leave message on voicemail nd wait for ages for them to come back
There is no appropriate body or agency whom u can write for further resolution of complaints

Roxyakash does NOT recommend Zoosk to friends/family

Zoosk - Just Avoid This Site


The mobile app is below par at best. The search function filters don't work correctly. There are endless fake and old profiles. There is no way to tell if a member is a subscriber so half the time you are writing to no one. Found a friends profile from two years ago. The profile options are limited. They act like they moderate your profile but they don't. There was a freeloader member with her email as her username. Duh Becky! Others with pictures of their dogs and crap. My favorites are the ones with three people in the picture. Am I just supposed to guess? Anyway, none of these are allowed by their "moderators" but they are all over the place on the site.

There are some members on the site. That is about it!

Price, functionality, number of active members, limited search and sorting function, no way to tell if members are active and no way to change your search location without changing your profile location. (For us travelers, this blows.) Finally, there is not a profile option to specify the kind of relationship you are looking for. Ugh. Match was and is a much better option.

Vincent Ve does NOT recommend Zoosk to friends/family

Zoosk - I don't trust Zoosk


I am a member of zoosk and This site is a worthless site. Thier search doesn't work and also they charged my Credit card without my permission.

Recommend.... NO way - Now I agree 100% with some of the users which Zoosk is a rip off site

Henry does NOT recommend Zoosk to friends/family

Zoosk - Beware of their renewal policy!!!!


Make sure if you don't want to renew your membership that you take your credit card info out. They have a automatic renewal policy, which is stated in their user agreement. Who reads those long boring things, anyway. My bad that I didn't. Anyway, I saw the charge on my card, cancelled the account immediately and contacted them for a refund. I was informed that they don't refund once you have been charged. Companies who have good customer service and are not scamming people, would give you a refund.

Shelly does NOT recommend Zoosk to friends/family

Zoosk - Smiling Faces Tell Lies


I would never recommend this site to anyone. I had a horrible experience from a man who claimed he was from Redwood City who told me he was in Australia on business. He appeared to say all the right things and I was led down a path of deception. He said he was due back in the states in 2 weeks but had to make a quick stop to China to check on some project he was involved in. I then got an email from him indicating that he had been in a terrible car crash and was in the hospital. He asked for my phone number because he had been "thinking of me" and just wanted to hear my voice. I wondered how he was sending me an email since he said his laptop was destroyed in the crash. This all occurred when the swine flu epidemic hit and I was very concerned for his health as the hospital was quarantined. Long story short, he did call me, the phone call was brief, interrupted by the "nurse" needing to attend to him. A couple of weeks later he was out of the hospital but could not return to the US because his wallet and passport had been "lost or stolen" in the car crash. He told me he was using calling cards to call me and had borrowed money from business associates. I decided to save him money I would call him. However, I noticed a discrepancy in the time difference, he was telling me a completely different time then I was aware of. He then asked me if I could send him money so he could get back to the states, I said I could not, couldn't understand why his company couldn't get him back or why he had no credit card. Later when I got my phone bill I found out I had been calling Nigeria! I was pissed at him but also mad at myself, I have friends in Europe and other countries and didn't think to check the country code I was using. There is a site you can check to view hundreds of photos of these con artists, they use real people photos that they get from model sites and also from places like facebook and myspace. I don't trust this site and quite frankly for the most part, almost all the dating sites have jerks on them. I did contact the site and his ad was removed but he has shown up on many other sites.


Lots of photos of fake people

Beth does NOT recommend Zoosk to friends/family

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