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Through introduction agencies you will definitely find the right person for you. Introduction agencies help you to find you true match. These agencies focus on specialized matching features, such as personal interviews, or use other ways to find out which person matches your personality. Introduction agencies help you to get introduced to your perfect match!
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Reviews about DateBritishGuys


A premier dating site that has featured in many world-renowned publications, is a unique concept in the dating industry. We know that for many American girls – and not only! – British men appear to be charming, real gentlemen. And if you are one of those girls who has been dreaming of meeting your very own Prince Charles, then this is the place to start your quest in getting that British lover you’ve always dreamed of.

Talking with a charming accent, have a born charm, and serving tea at 5 o’clock every day. These are some of the stereotypes women have when it comes to B
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Reviews about DatelinePlatinum


Sometimes, it’s best to go with professionals, and there’s no other with more experience in the British dating industry than DateLine. With over four decades on the market, this matrimonial agency has decided to go online ever since the Internet has become popular amongst the general public.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that they are probably the best online dating website in the United Kingdom. With hundreds of users accessing the site each day, DateLine has managed to reach an international crowd and match thousands of happy couples each year. Yes, you don’t have to be from the UK to find
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Reviews about RightStuffDating


RightStuffDating is an international introduction network for single graduates and faculty of a select group of excellent universities and colleges. It is a civilized, manageable and affordable way to meet well-educated members of the opposite sex.

RightStuffDating requires its members to provide proof of graduate or faculty status before joining.
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Reviews about The County Register

The County Register

A professional introduction service, tailored to your needs

We guarantee anonymity, discretion and a uniquely tailored approach. A personal head-hunter acts on behalf of each client ensuring a highly targeted, sophisticated and individual search.
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