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Last updated: February 20, 2018
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Are intimacy, companionship, and true love more important to you than sex? Then 2Date4Love.com is the place for you. Here you can find people just like you, people seeking meaningful relations not just sex for fun.

That's because 2Date4Love.com is not your regular dating website. Built around a strong community of like-minded people, this is the place where people can learn about how others live.

From people who went through tough times in life - like terminal diseases - to those who have a big and carrying heart, 2Date4Love.com is the place to find the positivity needed to live life to the fullest.

Up till now, the online dating platform has proven to be a success. There are many testimonials from people who have experienced true love and managed to find their soulmates. Moreover, to prove the success story of this website, we want to mention that it was featured in The Huffington Post, Time, Daily News, and Today.

Their articles on relationships, as well as forum and FAQ section, come in handy for anyone who is searching for his or her soulmate.

We recommend 2Date4Love.com to those for whom true love comes first and sex comes last.

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2Date4Love.com reviews (8):

2Date4Love.com - Lousy Site


The site asks you to limit your search to a certain number of miles from your location, and then provides you with matches that do not identify their location, so it is impossible to know how far away they are from you. References in profiles revealed that some alleged matches lived hundreds of miles away from my requested distance search. They may do this because they have so few members that a new member immediately would know that there are few if any matches nearby and that they have been ripped off. To offer to provide a distance search and then be unable to confirm if the alleged distance search is correct reminds me of bait n switch. The site is pathetic.


See above.

Brian does NOT recommend 2Date4Love.com to friends/family

2Date4Love.com - no response


I sent out 22 emails and did not receive one response. Posted on the forum and received one response from their staff.

good idea

no one home

Susan Shellh does NOT recommend 2Date4Love.com to friends/family

2Date4Love.com - Should have read reviews firdt


I was very hopeful when I saw the articles about this site. I recently battled : Cancer. I'm in remission but have lost all of my sex drive. Consequently, my wife of 22 years divorced me. I still need human touch, I still need to be loved I couldn't even get the application site to work so I assume the site is dead. After reading the reviews it's understandable. A great idea, I am extremely disappointed to find out the truth.

2Date4Love.com - Puzzled


Joined 2date4love a long time ago. I didn't get any replies and l remember being disappointed as this site is specialised and l was so happy when l heard it's founder interviewed . Lovely lady and l really think she wanted to help people . It's not expensive life time membership for a few dollars.

Wonderful idea

Needs a good Web designer maybe?

2Date4Love.com - useless


This site is just useless. I signed up because I am a cancer survivor and hoped to meet another. Match.com not really an option. There are very few members. Only a dozen men in my state. Because there were so few, I wrote all of them , and did not get ONE response. This site seems to be just be profiles of people who paid, but cannot be reached. Why would that be the case?


Save your money and hopes for other options.

anne does NOT recommend 2Date4Love.com to friends/family

2Date4Love.com - Not There Yet


Given the specialized nature of this dating site, I wasn't expecting the same kind of membership as the biggies like eHarmony or Match. So I signed up with that understanding in mind. But I was still very disappointed with how few ladies there were - not just in my immediate area (a grand total of 3), but regionally as well (less than a couple of dozen). At some point down the road, this may be a viable dating source, but it isn't now. Save your money and look elsewhere.

Inexpensive for a 1-month trial (still, you get what you pay for).

Limited profile options.
Very low membership.

Joe Fonebo does NOT recommend 2Date4Love.com to friends/family

2Date4Love.com - 2date4love - mixed review


I really hoped this site would be what I was looking for. No complaints about how it's set up, etc. It looks great. I am puzzled, though by the results. I cast a wide net, looking at gentlemen between 40 and 65 from all over. There are more than 180 listed. Checking out the competition on the ladies side I searched all the women between 30 and 60, there were fewer than 15, and only about 4 with photos. You would think that with so many men and so few women, I might get at least some activity. No. I know what you might be thinking; maybe she just isn't worth contacting. I didn't have anything extreme written, and I had a pretty good photo. I don't know if it's because there are very few men in my area or what. I did contact some men. Many members have a blurb stating that they haven't visited the site for a while, and encouraging one to contact them. I suspect that these are people who have canceled their subscriptions and the site is hoping to get them to pay again if they see some interest. I think this because I contacted a few of these people and didn't get even a courtesy response. One was a woman whom I was asking about her experience with the site. No real reason not to reply. So, really, there are probably fewer people on the site than it looks. I did contact a couple of men without that blurb and got responses. But I was surprised that no one contacted me. Not sure why, but I think I will have to look elsewhere. Disappointing.

Looking does NOT recommend 2Date4Love.com to friends/family

2Date4Love.com - A great site for people looking for lasting love


2date4love is a refreshing reminder that love and lasting companionship are available to everyone, no matter what the circumstance. The site is visually appealing, easy to navigate and constantly evolving. I would highly recommend this site to anyone who is looking for a meaningful, lasting connection.

-Targets a specific audience that may not find what they're looking for on other dating sites
-Enables people who are not able to have sexual intercourse to find lasting love and companionship
-Is a user friendly site with easy navigation
-Provides e-blasts informing members of updates and events
-Is cost efficient
-A completely private site where members are in control of how much information is shared
-Is constantly evolving

Loren does recommend 2Date4Love.com to friends/family

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