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Adam4Adam is a site designed by people just like you -- unique -- just like everyone else. When is the last time you had a deep, meaningful conversation in a bar, or in a club? At the free Adam4Adam web site we build a community for gay men looking for friendship, romance, dating or a hot hookup.

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Adam4Adam - Met my BF on A4A but not a happy ending


True there are fake profiles on A4A but I usually run into the real ones. Many people on there are very rude. Especially the white guys and Asian guys (and I am referring the to twinks, I'm a masculine that likes twinks)

I met my twinky Dominican BF on there 2 &1/2 yrs ago. I had no idea back then that he would turn out to be the stereo-typical feminine twink SLUT. He "liked" me a lot. Came from NYC to CT to stay with me several times. Wrote me on FB telling me how much fun he had with me and that he'd hate to think he was just someone I was f*cking for the moment. So I got a little heartfelt emotional and caught feelings for him. After a month of seeing each other I asked him to be my BF. He was excited! He was 19 at the time. Well... 2 & 1/2 yrs later, all he brought my life was head-ache and heart-ache. Thru the yrs I discovered he STILL had his profile running on A4A. He claimed it was just to meet "new friends". Bullshit! You don't make friends on A4A, you make hook ups. He didn't just have 1 profile, I discovered 3 profiles of his. All saying something different and all stating he lived in different parts of NYC.

Bottom line: even the people who actually are real and meet up with you are nothing but skanky sluts. These people are addicted to sex and attention. Altho my ex is beautiful (he really is) he is a sociopath with a complex of wanting to make sure that men find him attractive. He's all about his looks. But instead of taking a compliment and moving along, he takes it to the next level and sleeps with all the men who want to screw him. He cheated on me several times and didn't even make the guys use protection. Luckily, I am clean as of 3 weeks ago.

If you're looking for a RELATIONSHIP , A4A is NOT the place. The ONLY good thing about it is that it's 100% free to use. No membership fees to send or receive emails. So that's where all the sluts go - to the FREE sites.



Ozzyfan does NOT recommend Adam4Adam to friends/family


Adam4Adam - A site full of cowards & fakes


I had been on & off adam4adam for about 2 years, and have NEVER met anyone for several reasons. Most are fake profiles that the a4a staff or support..whatever you want to call them...have a habit of violating the law and steal pics to create FAKE profiles...then setting their profile up in california..( an example) then glancing at another profile that is in does not make sense nor is that reliable.

They do this to harass others online but sit in the corner like a coward when you show them the same treatment! I am not going to support a fake site just to have more block room, even if you create another profile they do the same crap, so the site is not worth my time or anyone elses for that matter. Stick to craigslist or another site that works, this one is just not reliable, it deserves to be shut down.

None that i am aware of

All of the above in the review

Aaron Jay does NOT recommend Adam4Adam to friends/family


Adam4Adam - Hated It


Quite frankly, ALL THIS IS, IS A PORN SITE! It was highly recommended by a friend. Whom right now due to steering me to this site I am not talking to right now. I mean I tried to get past all the penis' and this so called "FREE GIFT" They give you a c**k ring. It probably busts EVERY gay cliche there is.

Not to mention ANY email I got on this site was from people 39+ years of age, who wanted to have sex with me.

I got one email from a man "Hey sexy lemme kno if u wanna f**k me" And the actual email was nonetheless and for lack of a better word DISGUSTING in itself. On my page it said "I AM NOT LOOKING FOR SEX! I am looking for a relationship."

I am an old fashioned dater. ANd quite frankly all this site is for is "Hey lets meet up for one night stands."

This has to be the most disgusting site I have ever been on. I would rather pay for EHarmony or Match rather than go on this site ever again

There are NO Pros to this site

totally pornographic, full of jail bait chasers, disgusting people, disgusting imagery, rude people

Ro-Ro does NOT recommend Adam4Adam to friends/family

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