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Last updated: October 20, 2017
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Amateur Match

Join now one of the biggest matchmaking website in Asia. With over 15 million registered users, the website's large database is a guarantee of success for anyone who is looking for casual sex, a partner or even marriage.

Besides the huge number of members, the matchmaking website comes with a series of interesting feature to enhance the online dating experience. You can instant message or webcam with others, as well as view professional webcam models perform. There's even a porn section on the website. Found a hot Asian girl online? Is she interested in you? Find out instantly by messaging her. Even better! Why don't you send her a webcam request? Don't be shy! Try it!

Concerning webcams, although limited, you can access any cam you want with a free account. The website offers you 120 credits to spend on the models. After that, you need to fork out some money if you want more. Of course, you won't get any private shows with a free account.

The website's biggest asset is its huge database of users. Most of them are Asian girls seeking a partner - even a life partner - from Europe or North America. We recommend that you give AmateurMatch a try. Who knows, maybe you will enjoy it?

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Amateur Match reviews (6):

Amateur Match - AM is fake


I'll be generous and give it a 99% fake. The 1% is people who get suckered in.
Yes, I did get suckered into joining. You do receive plenty of emails, but all of them are fakes.

Entertaining emails

Zero chance of meeting a real person.

len does NOT recommend Amateur Match to friends/family

Amateur Match - Total Scam site to be Avoided


This site takes the word unethical to new heights.
ALL OF THE WOMEN were fake.
They kept trying to string me along.
I thought I'd seen some terrible Adult Dating sites.
This is the worst. They should be shut down.
There is nothing positive to say about this garbage site.

None, and that's hard for an Adult Dating site to screw up that bad.

100% of the women are fake. They must have a college girl to respond to the suckers that email the 'women'.

Allesandro does NOT recommend Amateur Match to friends/family

Amateur Match - Fake done by telemarketing.


I was a non paying member of this site for about one year.You get about ten emails in a 24 hour period from average to above average looking girls.The emails range from simple ones like,i'm looking for someone to hang out with to,i'm so horny and i'll do this and that to you.You'll also find the same woman's picture on a different profile from a different state if you watch closely.I also noticed a fair share of Nigerian scammers on there using photos of porn stars,models and cam girls.Its just another scam to get your money.I quit visiting the site for about a month and then i couldn't get back on it unless i joined again.I didn't bother.It was fun for awhile just reading the crap they would make up and looking at the pictures they use to try and trick you into joining.

If you like reading erotic emails with nice pictures attached go for it.But my guess is there's probably some big fat dumpy broad writing those emails or maybe even a guy just doing what he was hired to do.

Its all fake and has a lot of Nigerian scammers on it.

Scamgutter does NOT recommend Amateur Match to friends/family

Amateur Match - don't waste your money


probably the worst site to join. pics and members are fake, tou get many of messages from their own members. wouldn't recommend any sitea from "cupid" they all have the same fake format.

ken hegeman does NOT recommend Amateur Match to friends/family

Amateur Match - Absolutely FAKE!!!!!


This is the worst site ever! site design is very nice and they fool you by letting you read all the emails even before you pay. But all the interests from all the beautiful women are all FAKE! they even say so on the site (so give them some credit for being honest!!)
I say this site is 100% fake because I did a search and not one legitimate woman was found on the site. Even some of the ugly women are fake too, maybe to fool men thinking that is more realistic!!

site design is nice. let u read all emails.


pop does NOT recommend Amateur Match to friends/family

Amateur Match - Fake site, I have proof, plus others on ---


The site is 98 percent scam, they lure you in with some bogus email, saying you have a message form a chick, Ilove69 (I just made that one up-lol), anyways, and off course you find out you have to create a profile, or to review your message, and to click on pics, you have to pay a memebership fee, so, you say to yourself --okay lets not join, but then you have another to sage, and so on... they got me, but I only signed up for the trial version (3 days), and must email them to let them know, that you will not continue on past that 3rd day. The funny thing is, the 2nd day of my trail membership, just like their disclaimer said to do... they charged me on the 3rd day, I wrote---hey buddy, I gave you plenty of notice- over 24 hours, and I am not intersted to continuing on--, tech support, said they will check into this--- it has been over 2 weeks...I am finding out, that alot of guys are getting scamed on the site, plus 99 percent, of all the women, are from another site OC, and they are not even in this country, yes, they are not on your land, they are scam artist, and will suck you dry. Guess what--- my card will not work anymore to their suprise (if they are stupid enough to try and charge me again).
One note, their are guys that do insideer work for these compains, give compainies great review, all thumbs up...but not this one, bc, most guys get suckered in by those cute gals, that are not so damn fat, like here in the states... stop going thru the damn drive thru you fat pig---lol, plus your wasting gas...get out and walk, and maybe I might date you..

Pretty women (but are fake)

Fake, fake, fake, do some investagating, you will find out...

Mike S does NOT recommend Amateur Match to friends/family

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