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Last updated: November 10, 2017
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AnotherFriend is one of Ireland's most popular matchmaking and dating websites. If you live, or planning to visit Ireland, then sign up for free right away.

With over 1 million members, thousands logging in each day, and hundreds online at any given hour, recommends itself as the best Irish website to find friends, hook up with hot partners, and build strong relationships.

Signing up for a free account. It's only one click away. Just enter your email address, and you are on your way to finding quality Irish people online. If you have any problems navigating throughout the website, then a virtual assistant is there for you. (And she is quite attractive, too.)

The website also lists the number of members for each Irish county and tells you who is online right now. Are you in Dublin looking for a hookup on a Saturday night. Instantly check who is available. Who knows? Maybe after a few Irish beers, magic will happen.

Although an Irish dating website, membership and matchmaking options are not limited to the country of leprechauns. You can also find people from other European nations, as well from the United States.

Maybe this is your lucky day. If you are living in Ireland, or simply visiting the country, you will surely hook up with someone near your area.

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  • March 7, 2012 acquires
    Irish online dating website has acquired another Irish dating service,, from the Saon Group for an undisclosed sum. currently has over 60% market share of the Irish online dating market, with almost 13 million pageviews and 290,000 unique visitors monthly. Read more

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Like all dating sites, you have to take it with a pinch of salt.

It has decent functionality for those who choose to try it out before committing with a paid subscription. So you get a good indication of whether its worth it.

I personally don't get internet dating . As a man who's done alright 'offline' & has had very bad responses on several sites. I can only assume some of the following:

1)There's much more men to women (very likely)
2)Women (in your league) aren't bothered unless you're perfect
3)These women aren't available and just looking for attention
4)The men are all better looking then me/earn more/better banter and are SINGLE!

When I say 'bad response' I mean that i'm going for women in 'my league' but they're not interested in my online approach!

I get reponses from women who have very grainy pictures with missing stats. Or else older women! Women think its fine to omit their body type and weight, but always want a taller man!! (I'm 6ft btw)

Anyone want to enlighten me?


Good functionality before paying

Ed does recommend AnotherFriend to friends/family

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