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Last updated: November 21, 2018
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We know that you are fond of Russian women, and getting married to a Russian bride is one of your deepest wishes. Thatís why this site has sparked interested to you. But how can you tell if a website is worth your time or not? Well, go right now and take a look at what has to offer to men like you.

You already know that there are many mail-order bride services out there, especially when it comes to Russian women. But how many have been ranked and gained trust from review websites such as No.1 Reviews?

If youíre not sure, you can check the websiteís testimonial page to see how many men and women found true love by using this great online dating service. Itís straightforward, popular, and it will match you with the best option available in no time.
Each day, thousands of women access this website in order to find a potential life partner. Women from Russia, Ukraine, Latin America, and South-East Asia are putting their trust in this service to find them a carrying spouse.

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BeHappy2Day reviews (33):

BeHappy2Day - Great Experience


Life is really incomplete without an honest and loving soul-mate. Thanks to my fate that brought me on this page. I met a girl (who is beautiful as well) on this site. This was my first experience of searching for a girl through internet platform. We were not so serious about each other in the beginning. It all started when she met me in a restaurant for the first time. Unlike other couples, we were quite frank and I found her more talkative than before.
We had a great time on the first date. Later on, both of us decided to take this relationship to the other level. Now, we are living a happily married life from couple of months. I must say that this site is ideal to find the most sincere female friends with no discrimination of race, gender and age. If you are looking for the perfect match, then stop waiting more and register yourself to the site. Literally, the biggest problem of your life can be resolved by finding a soul-mate here. I also recommend this site to all of my single friends. Once you will try, you would definitely love to stick to this option.

no scam

most girls don't have webcam facility...

Robin D does recommend BeHappy2Day to friends/family

BeHappy2Day - I choose BeHappy2Day


I just admire Slavic women! As soon as I found behappy2day I knew Iíd found the best site. It was quite easy to sign up, there was no money to pay to subscribe. In fact, I only had to buy credits when I felt like Iíd found a lady that really interested me. The site feels secure, safe and structured. It is refreshingly honest and really enjoyable! Thanks.

many charming ladies
free sign up

too many letters from the ladies

Bill does recommend BeHappy2Day to friends/family

BeHappy2Day - No more need to search for a soul-mate


I always struggled a lot in finding a perfect companion. It was definitely hard to believe for me that any online source/site can do it in a quintessential way. Behappy2day has come as a blessing in my life. I found my perfect lady on this site. Although, we took a lot of time to think about growing this relationship but everything went well in the end.
Thanks to this highly trusted platform that has changed my life. Many of my friends refused to rely on this trusted dating platform. But now, they ask for the particular reason which made me happier. I feel quite comfortable by talking to the people here as there are no language barriers. My love life had started when I met a beautiful yet intellectual Russian girl. We were highly compatible in all the aspects. I would like to thanks Behappy2day to bring lots of happiness in my life.

best services

not all girls have webcams

Ali does recommend BeHappy2Day to friends/family

BeHappy2Day - Rewarding site


I have to say that itís probably the best site out there! This is a website that seems to have been designed to really focus on the members - both men and women. The interpretation service is invaluable and helps everybody to develop the relationships without language barriers.You do have to buy credits to access additional features and photos, but I think thatís reasonable. Unlike other sites, BeHappy2Day doesnít make you pay to sign-up and so I didnít feel out of pocket.

effective interpretation service
stunning ladies

not all girls have web cams

Michael does recommend BeHappy2Day to friends/family

BeHappy2Day - BeHappy2Day


I have always struggled to meet people, especially women, which has had a serious impact on my life in general. I am very shy and feel awkward talking in a social environment and because of this i have missed many opportunities which i now regret.

Online dating is the perfect solution for me, and BeHappy2Day is the ideal dating website of all I have found online. What i really like about BeHappy2Day is that I can be myself without the initial face to face contact, get to know the woman, which is exactly what happened. They have helped me all of the way and make things very easy, which is exactly what i needed.

I have been speaking to one particular Russian woman who I have really connected with. We chat almost every day and plan to meet very soon. This is something that would never have happened if it had not been for this website. The features on the BeHappy2Day website make it easy to stay in contact and unlike many dating sites, their prices to use some of their services are very reasonable. All in all I would say I am very happy with the service that BeHappy2Day provides and thankfully am feeling full of confidence. My future looks bright thanks to BeHappy2Day.

Lots of attractive women
Easy to use


Tyler does recommend BeHappy2Day to friends/family

BeHappy2Day - I'd never have found love without this site


I chose to join the site as I find Russian women very attractive, it was really easy to create a profile but I got nervous looking at all the beautiful women so it took me a month before I went back on the site. From there itís been wonderful as I can talk freely to any woman who interests me without feeling nervous. At the beginning I thought it was too good to be true so before my first video chat I wasnít expecting the same woman to be on the screen but low and behold she was.

I know a lot of people say love at first sight doesnít exist but it did with my wonderful lady and I couldnít be happier. Without Behappy2day I would never have found her so thank you. The staff there have always been on hand to help with any questions Iíve had, right through to helping me to organize my first trip out to Moscow which was an experience. Everything has been worth it, and Iíd have never have found love without it.

* Beautiful women
* Freely talk to people
* Video Chat
* Helped organize my trip to Moscow

Luke does recommend BeHappy2Day to friends/family

BeHappy2Day - Helpful and Encouraging Site


I have lacked confidence in dating following a bad break-up. Being attracted to Russian women, I decided to give BeHappy2Day a go and Iím glad that I did. I didn't know where to start with trying to talk to such beautiful women, let alone ladies who didnít speak English but this site offers so many helpful tools that they made it really easy. I was able to look through lots of photos of gorgeous women, use translation tools and read tips on how to impress, engage and be memorable.

The website is packed full of information, profiles and helpful aids and so it can be tricky to work out what to look at next. At first I thought that would irritate me but actually, Iím just so grateful that everything I need is available on one website. Also, BeHappy2Day doesnít make you pay unreasonable sign up fees like alternatives! I understand why some men may be sceptical but I recommend giving this company a go. I have met some lovely ladies on this site, I feel more confident and Iíve enjoyed every minute!

Ease of use, excellent range of ladies and helpful support tools.

Quite a busy website and so much to look at that it can be tricky to know where to start.

A Bravo does recommend BeHappy2Day to friends/family

BeHappy2Day - Behappy2day changed my life


I was a beginner in the world of online dating and when I got registered I just didn't know where to start. Luckily the site is quite simple to use, the communication features and settings are convenient. Most importantly, it has a great number of charming single women. I am happy to say that I have made the right choice. We have two different cultural backgrounds with my lady but we never give up the idea of being together. I just want to thank BeHappy2Day for changing my life!

James does recommend BeHappy2Day to friends/family

BeHappy2Day - reliable site


Nowadays I can say it is not easy to find a reliable dating site for a serious relationship. I came across BeHappy2day accidentally and decided to stay. The site connected me with a woman that has a great personality. I have a flight scheduled next month and I am quite excited.

Richard does recommend BeHappy2Day to friends/family

BeHappy2Day - Fraud!!! Scam. Stay away


Women's photos are used on different sites. The women at this site are not sincere about anything except taking money. After opening a profile with no photo received 300 letters admiring my "photo" in my profile. The site enlists the agencies and the women working for them to take as much money as they can. After communicating with a few women on the site I arranged a trip where I was shocked that none of the women were available. An expensive lesson. The site is a complete fraud. Sharing my experience so others don't get robbed. This site is modern day thieves. They don't need a gun to rob a bank. They post photos of pretty women (confirmed models only) and deceive men. The oldest profession, prostitution, without receiving anything but false hopes, broken heart and empty bank account. Stay away!!!!

Fake model photos

Fraud. Scam. Professional thieves in a syndicate.

Jim does NOT recommend BeHappy2Day to friends/family

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