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Last updated: May 27, 2018
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Are you a strong, independent woman who likes to take charge and make the first step when meeting a new guy? Then this might be the right place for you. On, thousands of women take their time to browse profiles and pictures of men that they would like to meet.

Yes, this is the place where men won’t badger you by sending messages or flirts: this is the place where you have to do all the work. While some might not like the concept, hundreds of thousands of women all over the world have found the website useful in their dating quest. Most websites are simply full of creeps, and allowing only the woman to take the first step means a plus for a lot of ladies out there.

Creating an account takes minutes, or you can instantly create one by connecting it to your Facebook account. Once you are on, you can check out the profiles of tens of thousands of men who appreciate a lady who’s willing to make the first step. When you allow him to talk, he will be able to engage in a conversation with you.

Fun and easy to use, is a must for any women out there who is sick and tired of dating sites and personals where all the creeps seem to hang out just to ruin your day.

Join It is absolutely free and engaging.

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CheckHimOut reviews (4):

CheckHimOut - I got bagged !


well been new to the online dating world, i would say i tryed checkhimout without real hope but got fairly pleased ! the only other site i tryed is okcupid, but wasted so many times on writing messages with no responses !

So been a product on is pretty cool because you do nothing and got bagged by women ! then contact is fairly easy to meet in person. It seems they dont have any monthly fees, you just need to pay $4.99 to get couple of hundreds credits to use on the site to chat or messages. Cheaper than a coffe date !

got messages back !

need credits

Colin does recommend CheckHimOut to friends/family

CheckHimOut - So woman have the power ?


i've been checking that site out, where the homepage says that woman are in control !

well of course we are ! i'm only a member to okcupid and been pretty please by this website so far. its free and mens profile are been treated like products ! haha love it .

i had to spend a bit more time on this site to start getting some contact as men cannot contact us directly it seems and we have to do the first move. but overall its brought better conversation and i didn't get any rude message straight up from men ...

shopping concept

need to do the first step

Tina does recommend CheckHimOut to friends/family

CheckHimOut - i'm a product !


though this website was strange at first as right on the signup form it says ' signup as a product' !

well i decided to join, and after taking some time to get the whole concept i think its great. i was been able to contact all the profile i wanted, but at least all the women that 'bought' me have responded to my messages ! which is a great as i've stopped using other dating websites by mostly no reply to my messages..

got date
got message back

cannot contact anybody, have to wait woman 'bought' you

Brad does recommend CheckHimOut to friends/family

CheckHimOut - Love shopping for men !


i like this site concept, been able to shop for men is fun !

as well as i don't get spam by stupid message like on other dating website.

no hassle !
no spam message
great interface
ios app

Lacey does recommend CheckHimOut to friends/family

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