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Last updated: November 3, 2017
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Discreet Adventures

Anonymous, discreet and safe – these are the points which characterize this website. We must warn you, cheating on your partner is not the most ethical thing to do, but life is short, so why not have an affair?

There have been a couple of dating sites orientated on affairs and cheating. So why would you go for this one? Besides the fact that all users are authentic here, services come entirely free. Yes, companies usually try to exploit people’s pleasure for lust, especially when you need to be extra careful who sees your profile. However, this is not the case for this website. DiscreetAdventures.com is created by people for individuals who share the same lusty pleasures in life, i.e., having affairs.

Safe and completely free, DiscreetAdventures.com comes with everything you need for a successful online dating experience. Just create an account in a matter of seconds, add some of your best photos and start searching for cheating partners. Thousands of people log on this website, hoping to find new adventures and romance in their lives. You, too, can find someone to have fun by using this site, that’s why you should create an account immediately.

You don’t have to be afraid of using this website. Anonymity is a priority here. To read more on how your identity would be protected, go to DiscreetAdventures.com and check out their FAQ section. We are sure that you will sign up instantly after browsing this unique dating site.

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Reviews: 3

Discreet Adventures reviews (3):

Discreet Adventures - Discreet Adventures is real


I have used DA off and on for the last 12 years of so, there are real women on this site and I have chatted with several. I will say it was better early on then it is now there doesn't seem to be as many women as there used to be, but it is not a bot patrolled scam.

There are real women, you don't have to pay to wink or send an opening line and they can respond accordingly. My system is to connect that way, then pay which allows emailing.

There may not be women in your area, sometimes requires assessing and then coming back.

Discreet Adventures - this is a legit site


yes this is a good site and is legit,Thay dont try to up sell you anything and dont send you fake women that want to meet you just to get you to sine up. more men that women but i chated with some good women and some snots . and the price is good .

it is real and legit but slow but real women dont jump on anything that comes there way anyway.if you give respect you some times get it back

none not at all

Arrowmee does recommend Discreet Adventures to friends/family

Discreet Adventures - Scam


I think it is a scam

Gary Jones does NOT recommend Discreet Adventures to friends/family

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